King of Blades

Nicola M. Cameron
King of Blades
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Belaurient Press
Release Date
October 2020
Book 4 of Two Thrones
Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ

And Matthias thought being a kind was hard...

It's autumn in the island kingdom of Hellas as Queen DanaŽ and King Matthias of Ypres celebrate their first wedding anniversary and the upcoming birth of their twins. As the Hellene capital rejoices with a week's worth of spectacular athletic games, a pair of unexpected visits complicate the royal couple's romantic interlude.

Meanwhile, DanaŽ's brother Darius reunites with his lover Lars, only to learn that the handsome Ypresian officer has life-changing news of his own. When a series of strange accidents begin to plague Darius, he and Lars must join forces with the master Aeris mage Petyr Epilonious to investigate the source of the mischiefóbefore the next accident kills him.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
May 26, 2021   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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King of Blades is the fourth book in the Two Thrones series and we return to Matthias and DanaŽ. She is well into her pregnancy with twins and has her own concerns which she hides from Matthias. He brings friends along with him on his 'Royal Visit' but doesn't stop to think how DanaŽ is feeling. Add to that Darius and Lars are reconciling but have their own issues going on too.

As always, this was excellently written with DanaŽ's worries being perfect for a first-time mother, especially with twins. There were no unnecessary dramatics or hysterics. It's a wonder she was even walking and talking with everything that was going on. Talk about stress!

I loved Darius' story and the whys and wherefores of what was happening. Bless him. He picked the wrong person, that's for sure. I hope we see more of him and Lars in future books. Plus the fact, I want to meet Giles!

I am loving this series and this book is no exception. A brilliant story and one highly recommended by me.
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