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Blushing Books
Release Date
July 2019
Book 2 of Club Indigo
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Reality-Based Romance (TM), Romantic Suspense/Mystery

"She was supposed to trust him with her body and heart, but he didn't trust her with his past."

Suzie Kaspar has been a widow for five years. She struggles with her responsibilities as a single mother, but she doesn't accept help easily. Her late husband was sweet but not strong, and she was responsible for herself and their children even before he became ill and died. After she witnesses her sister's collaring ceremony, she is both intrigued and intimidated by the lifestyle.

Sadist Captain Connor is an enigma. He is well liked at Club Indigo, but nobody really knows him. Connor is looking for a submissive masochist in the bedroom and a strong and independent woman outside it, but his experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq have left invisible scars he doesn't share with anyone.

While Connor and Suzie struggle with their relationship, they discover something alarming about Suzie's son's best friend. The devastating information will shake the foundations of their relationship and magnify the trust issues they're already having.

Can Connor show Suzie how wonderful it is to lean on a man and to discover there is pleasure to be found in pain? Can she trust him with her life and her heart, the way she trusts him with her body?

Publisher's Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Jan 19, 2020   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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TRUSTED is the second book in the Club Indigo series, and this time we focus on Suzie, Laura's sister, and Captain Connor. Although Suzie was horrified when she saw Laura's cuff marks on her wrists, it turns out that Suzie likes the sharp edge of pain!

This book focuses on the two main characters as they learn things about each other and their relationship develops. There is a multitude of supporting characters, most of them known from book one, that help this story to move along.

Not only do we get Suzie and Connor's story but we also continue with Laura and James' too. In fact, I have no idea of knowing if the storyline with Josh is going to be in other books, but I'm seriously hoping so.

An excellent addition to the series that you can read as a standalone, although I would highly recommend you read it as a series just to ensure you get the most from the overall story arc.
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