Dead Man's Hand

Renee Rose
Dead Man's Hand
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Burning Desires
Release Date
October 2019
Book 7 of Vegas Underground
BDSM, Contemporary Romance

She made a big mistake. You don't blackmail a Tacone.
Coming to me with a threat? Unacceptable.
If she needs money, she'll have to ask nicely.
But once I give it to her, we both know what it means:
She belongs to me.
I do my best to hold back. Give her respect.
Trouble is, I can't keep my hands off her.

And now that she's under my thumb,
I don't plan to let her go…

Note: This steamy stand-alone romance is the seventh in USA Today bestselling author Renee Rose's Vegas Underground series. No cheating, no cliffhangers.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Dec 23, 2020   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When Marissa Milano makes a big mistake that could end her life, Gio Tacone comes riding in like dark knight saving her… from herself. Full disclosure, I read this book as a standalone and can be read by itself. I picked up this book because I like Ms. Rose's books. They are dark and smexy.

This one is a bit lighter than I am used to reading. The anti-hero Gio is one I liked. He is a man who is stuck in a criminal world not of his original intent. But when it is the family business, well, it is family. So it comes as a surprise to Gio when someone he considers "possibly" family and have feelings for treats and thinks of him as merely a criminal.

From a character creation standpoint, Marissa is TSTL. There is zero redeeming quality to her. At every turn, I didn't think I could lose more respect for her, but I did. Gio deserves better than a shallow stupid and silly chit like Marissa. But perhaps, he needs the brainless girl to keep under control. A true partner and someone with even half a brain may not be to his liking. If that is the case, then Marissa is right up his alley. What is sad is that Marissa is a pretty good reflection of too many females in real life. Ms. Rose created an accurate portrayal of a person who is stuck and can't get themselves out of a jam. Instead they have to turn to a man to fix it for them or break the law. Disappointing but all too real.

From an erotic standpoint, there is a forbidden history between the two. Marissa is clearly the weaker prey no matter how much she brays about being in control. Gio is the taciturn predator who wants to devour Marissa. Well, at least Marissa has a few good traits for her… she's young, pretty and female. Girl, work those attributes because two of them will disappear all too soon and Gio may start questioning what he is doing with you and upgrade to a newer model. Their interactions are smexy and the teasing foreplay is mixed with an element of danger. This is definitely an aphrodisiac for Marissa. And it is appealing to go into the lion's den and come out sexually satiated instead of eaten alive.

The is erotic romance is recommended for readers who enjoy anti-heroes saving damsels in distress.
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