The Sheikh's Royal Seduction

Leslie North
The Sheikh's Royal Seduction
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Leslie North
Release Date
September 2018
Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

An exotic prince, a sharp-tongued vet, a passion neither can ignore…

Desperate to save his favorite lioness, Sala, from a deadly disease, Prince Zatar summons exotic wildlife veterinarian Alex Seaton to the palace. But when a stunning woman clad in western clothing arrives at the palace, he's convinced there must be a mistake. The sharp-tongued, defiant woman couldn't possibly be skilled enough to save Sala. However, as she works to heal his beloved pet, a dark passion simmers between them. To take her to his bed would be scandalous, but how can he resist such sweet temptation?

Alexis Seaton is all too aware of the practiced seduction of royalty. As a renowned animal healer, she's spent time in countless luxurious gardens with some of the most exotic big cats in the world. To maintain her professional status, she must resist the prince's sultry, searching eyes and sensual promises. Only a fool would give up her life's passion for one night in the arms of a man who would forget her by morning. But under Zatar's watchful gaze, her resolve shifts like the sands of Arabia, and even she may not be able to resist the sheikh's royal seduction forever...

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Dec 06, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When you think about romantic escapism that doesn't cost much and will keep you entertained for the afternoon, of course, the first thing you think of is a Leslie North book. Where else will you be guaranteed a bit of whimsical romance in a far off, exotic location? In THE SHEIKH'S ROYAL SEDUCTION, Alex Seaton is living the life. A veterinarian for exotic animals, she travels the world taking care of animals for the rich and famous. Landing in Kattahar expecting to take care of a sick lioness, she immediately hits that gender wall when her credentials are questioned because she's a woman. Fighting past the gender bias, she finds herself attracted to Zatar Balizar, Crown Prince and Sala's human.

"Alex's mouth fell open as she took him in. Gorgeous was an understatement. The man was made from magazine models, it seemed; piercing hazel eyes under dark brows and luscious black hair….

‘Who are you?' His husky voice cut through the air, shaking her from the reverie."

And from there, we are taken on a whirlwind romance that ends in a happily ever after for all.

So, let's get to it.

Likes: I really liked the storyline of an ailing lioness and a female vet. It can create some tough scenarios in male-dominated societies and this was no exception. Since this is a novella, the story progresses quickly, which also means there's the insta-attraction but I didn't find it too over the top. Some of the typical "Arabian stereotypes" had me both chuckling and cringing but they were explained away easily enough to make it convincing.

Dislikes: I had a bit of trouble getting into the characters. When Alex first meets Zatar, I thought that Zatar came across as too much of a spoiled playboy but that didn't last long at all and he quickly became very likeable. I had a bit more trouble with Alex in the beginning as I found her too harsh. I think Ms. North was going for a strong female character, which Alex was, but she was coming across as too antagonistic, and given that the character is used to working with clients like Prince Zatar, I would think she would have had a better attitude given how much of her veterinary work is probably word of mouth.

Overall, this is a romantic story in an exotic locale that you can easily finish in 2-3 hours, making it a pleasurable respite for a lazy afternoon.
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