Siren's Serenade

Shelia Raye
Siren's Serenade
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
June 2011
Book 2 of McFey Treasures Book
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

Love is enchantment without magic...

A mermaid's instinct...Nissa of the Mer Clan is driven by her instincts to conceive a child, but her undersea cluster does not include males. She must transform into a human-like siren long enough to enchant a mate with her song. Then she can return to the sea. If she fails, she'll die.

A playboy's desire...Peter McFey, hunky surf bum turned treasure hunter, has never turned down a sexy woman, but the sapphire-eyed siren wants to make him her pet.

In the sensual battle between a mermaid's instinct and a playboy's desire, there is no winner. When the siren sings, her mate can hear nothing else.

Enchantment will save her life but leave him...insane.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jul 12, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A carefree surfing champion who's the pied piper for women crosses path with a siren. Who wins in this life altering competition? Does the siren's song seduce this ladies man or does the player enchant the siren?

In SIREN'S SERANDE, Peter, the youngest of the McFey clan, heads out to sea with his brother John for a relaxing mini vacation. They are lulled onto an enchanted island where sirens lure unsuspecting sailors for a sexfest. This is where they encounter Nissa. Nissa, a mermaid turned siren, is looking for her mate. She must claim her mate in order to produce a much-desired pup to raise. This is a rite of passage for all mermaids before they can become a matron.

What should have been an easy claiming and coming of age event turns into a complete charlie-foxtrot. Nissa fails in claiming Peter, which can cost Peter his life. Peter's resistance to the siren call makes him a danger to all sirens. John is trapped with his siren and it is up to Peter to save him. An impossible quest is given to Peter in order to free his brother and save his own life.

This story started out slow. Reading the work required to sail a boat was too dry for me and I nearly put the book down. It wasn't until about five chapters in that the story picked up and caught my attention. Ms. Raye does a good job creating a world where mermaids and sirens exist. It's obvious Ms. Raye knows quite a bit about sailing and boats.

I liked Nissa. She's the epitome of a stranger in a strange land. I feel her confusion and her desires to achieve what she needs. She has a good heart and sacrifices for the greater good. Peter, on the other hand, was not a character I liked. He did come off as the spoiled baby in the family with a huge chip on his shoulder. The McFey family didn't do much for me. Each of them, other than Michael, all seemed to be arrogant and patronizing.

Ms. Raye does a good job with vivid imagery so that I could see the boats, the café, the theatre and even the island where the sirens sing. The conflicts in the story were all believable and resolved at just the right pace. There weren't any impossible leaps to tie off loose ends. There were a couple of scenes I wasn't too happy about, like when Nissa finds her mother. These outcomes actually add depth to the story, even if I didn't like where it went.

The happily ever after however will satisfy all the hopeless romantics. I recommend this book to water lovers and mermaid fans. This book is for the ones who believe and want a "love conquers all" ending.
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