The Librarian and the Dom

Diane Leyne
The Librarian and the Dom
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Release Date
April 2013
Book 2 of Club Libertine
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Jake Hughes is a Dom working part time at Club Libertine. He's good at what he does and enjoys it, but he's also a lonely widower who just wants a sub to call his own. One fateful night, he saves librarian Lindy McNeil from a fall down some stairs. Their sexual connection is instant and strong, but so is their emotional connection.

She's innocent in the ways of BDSM but she's eager to learn and he's eager to teach her, but he also worries as things progress quickly between them. There's a lot he hasn't told her and now he's worried he's waited too long. How will she react when she learns that his specialty at the club is whipping women at the request of their Doms or when she learns about the twisted relationship he had with his late wife?

Will it all be too much for Lindy or can they make it work?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Mar 14, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Tall girls need love, too! Lindy the Librarian is considered an Amazon due to her height. To find a man who makes her feel small is a rarity. Jake is an experienced dominant who is in high demand. He's apparently very good at impact play. He's so good he can cause a woman to come with a flick of his wrist. Tired of women wanting to hook up with him for his whipping or cropping expertise, he's looking for a submissive who wants him for himself.

The characters in this story are sweet. Lindy is cute and sweet. Jake is a teddy bear. This story moves at a good pace and the misunderstandings between the two are easily understandable. From a sexual perspective, Ms. Leyne rocks it again. This passage immediately increase the heat index in the story. What woman wouldn't want to be woken up in this manner?

Lindy thought she was having the most realistic sex dream ever. In it, Jake was on top of her, slowly, tenderly moving inside her. And then she felt the warmth of his skin and the pressure of her impending climax building within her, and she realized that she wasn't dreaming. She opened her eyes to find him moving inside her, carefully, deliberately. He looked down at her, his eyes full of intent. He reached down between their bodies to pinch her clit.

"Come," he commanded. And then he started moving more urgently, and he pushed himself toward his own climax as she writhed under him as her own slammed through her. (pg. 40)

What detracts from the story is actually the BDSM. Lindy and Jake's romance is enjoyable to witness and would actually be better without the BDSM. The reason is because the BDSM in this story is still a little off. Perhaps Ms. Leyne has never experienced a whipping. While it's not unheard of for skin to break; it can be done depending on the whipper's skill. In addition, I'd expect an expert at the whip to be able to whip a person without them being restrained. There are little telling pieces throughout this story which makes the BDSM come across as more a make believe kinky fantasy.
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