Saved by His Submissive

Angel Payne
Saved by His Submissive
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Angel Payne Writes, LLC
Release Date
February 2013
Book 1 of The WILD Boys of Special Forces
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Garrett Hawkins is the most valuable asset to his Special Forces unit—because frankly, the guy doesn't care if he lives or dies anymore. Since the love of his life, Sage Weston, was kidnapped and killed with her medical unit a year ago, Garrett has turned the shell of his soul into the impenetrable armor of a finely-tuned fighting machine. Being the first tapped for the unit's craziest missions is just fine by him. The less time for memories, and the agony they carve into his soul, the better.

It's a plan that works—until one night, deep in the jungles of Thailand, Garrett's world is upended when memories become stunning reality. The unit is called to rescue a group of kidnapped aid workers, only the head count on the retrieval is unexpectedly doubled. Sage and her teammates, believed dead, are very much alive. Only now that Sage is back in his arms, Garrett doesn't know what to do. He has changed in dramatic and daunting ways, especially in the darker tastes of his passion. If he touches Sage again, he'll want to claim her, restrain her…dominate her.

Is Sage's love strong enough to let Garrett back in not only as her fiancé, but her Dominant? Can she trust that visiting the new shadows of his life will lead her to ecstasy and not ruin? Or can it be that Garrett's discipline is exactly what her own soul needs to find its way back to life—and love—once again?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
May 03, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Believing that your beloved, your fiancée, is dead, can everything just go back to normal when you find out that she is alive? That for the past year, she has been suffering who knows with what, trying to survive in the world of human trafficking.

Garrett Hawkins had been broken since he got news that his fiancée died in Africa with her medical unit. He went on living the best he could but there were no emotions. He wanted revenge on the people that killed the love of his life. He went on missions and killed, killed and killed. Garrett's best friend and comrade, Zeke, introduced him to a dark lifestyle. A lifestyle that could maybe somewhat heal him and allow him to move on, only that didn't work because it brought back memories of his uncle and what he was doing to a woman in his barn. What Garrett didn't realize was that he was a dominant man, but he could not allow himself admit to his true nature.

Sage Watson loved what she did, and she also loved Garrett. When she was kidnapped, she fought her kidnappers. Soon, she and her friend Rayna knew they were going to be sold. They found themselves moving down the cave but to their surprise they had company—five American girls that were also kidnapped. Soon, there was a commotion and they were being moved back, then shouting and gunfire. When everything got silent and the men that were with them were apprehended, she heard the sweetest voice of the man she loved—her hero, Garrett.

SAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE is a hot and irritating story of Garrett trying to keep the love of his life safe. Garrett wants to comfort Sage, love her but he can't because he believes he has demons; that he has a dark side that he can't expose to his delicate Sage. There was a part in the beginning that I truly hated Garrett and I truly wanted to stop reading this story. He had his fiancée back, she was not dead and he went to someone else. I was sickened with what he did and said, I wanted to beat the crap out of him but I was thankful that the author stopped him.

Then there is Sage, a young woman that has changed forever from this ordeal. Only she finds herself ridiculed by Garrett. She believes that he can't stand the sight of her, because of her weight loss and the scars she carries. That is what she believed the reason for him to walk out on her when they were about to make love. Only when they were in the process, she found herself turned on when Garrett spanked her, over and over again. She remembered that in her earlier life, she wanted to explore BDSM and now with her turmoil she found herself wanting that more and more. Only Garrett closed himself off and avoided her. That is when Sage comes up with a plan to make Garrett lose control.

However, that is not the end of their troubles. Zeke has just found out that there is a price on Sage and Rayna's head made by "King", the person that held them captive. Can Garrett keep Sage safe? Should he keep her in the dark of what is going on?

SAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE is a great military, suspense, erotic read that had me wanting more when Garrett finally understood what Sage wanted from him after denying it with all his might. Sage surprised me with her spunk and her determination to get what she wanted. This is the first book in this series and I can't wait for more. Ms. Payne knows how to write steamy scenes that have both of them ready to rip each other apart but nothing ever happens. The sexual frustration that they share is truly felt.

Ms. Payne also writes about the world of human trafficking, something that is known to happen especially in third world countries. It is hard to believe that it could actually happen where you live. The storyline is similar to so many other books but this one is different in that the characters and their problems make it different. I really enjoyed that the two women were able to lean on each other when they thought they were never going to be rescued. I felt that my emotions were all over the place when it came to Sage and Rayna. They went through so much that I felt for them.

There is BDSM play in this story, so if you are not one that can read that, I must forewarn you now. Yet if you are willing to try, please do so. You will not regret it. I totally loved the secondary characters—Zeke and Rayna—and can't wait for their book.

SAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE is a wonderful, adventurous, suspenseful, erotic read that will have you panting for much more. I totally love military men and Garrett is one hot man but what makes him hotter is his undying love for Sage.
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Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Mar 06, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Conflicted dominant hero tangles with sexually enslaved girl could turn out real bad. Garrett Hawkins is a man with nothing to lose. He still has a family with parents and siblings, but his heart is MIA ever since his fiancée, Sage Weston, is pronounced dead. There isn't even a body to bury her and bring closure. Garrett is a Special Forces guy who enters a depressed phase of his life. During this time, his best friend helps by training him as a sexual dominant. When Sage is found alive, over a year later, Garrett now wrestles with his dark dominance. He doesn't want to taint her with this ugliness.

The BDSM in this story is mild and good for those who are taking a step past SugarKink. Ms. Payne presents the BDSM scenes in a decent manner. The body used to restraint another is sexy imagery and definitely kinks up this story. From a BDSM lifestyle perspective, it's a bit odd. BDSM is not used for therapy. In fact, those in the lifestyle discourage people from engaging in BDSM play if they need psychological help. The main reason is because it is a danger to both the Top and bottom.

For this story to work, it seems Garrett needed to be in conflict with himself. He loathed the idea of "beating" a woman, yet for over a year, he goes to BDSM clubs to flog, spank, whip or something with women. This poses an interesting paradox. Women to him are either Madonnas or whores. A reader can extrapolate this because of his insistence against any kinky sex with Sage. Because she's "above" all that nasty deviance. Wow. So all these women he's topped must be completely undesirables. This is just what a bottom or submissive wants to hear or know from a dominant they are scene-ing with. How can one build trust if the Top views a bottom as unworthy? Fortunately Sage smacks some sense into him. While Garrett still struggles with his sexual desires, Sage helps him take a step towards sexual ease.

The suspense part of this story is fine. It's the standard evil sex trafficker who won't let a female get the better of him. So of course, he goes to great lengths to punish her. The story flows smoothly with little surprises. There is a bit of a twist which enhances the tale and sets up the next installment in this series nicely. The pace of the story is good. There are enough down times to help differentiate the hot sexy interludes.

Overall, this is an easy read and recommended for kinky romance readers who love their tormented alpha males.
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