Submissions in Time

Sultry Summers
Submissions in Time
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Melange Books, LLC
Release Date
May 2012
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Time Travel

Stephanie Waltrip was the C.E.O. of her family's business until Daniel Maxwell the head of a large conglomerate bought out all her stockholders stealing control of her company. Suspicious Daniel had engineered her company's hard times Stephanie is out for his revenge. When they meet, the chemistry is strong and sparks fly between them. Stephanie hadn't known Daniel was so attractive or the playboy Daniel would affect her so completely but she isn't about to let him know it.

Daniel, accustomed to women falling at his feet, is determined to get her into bed any way he can. Determined to bring the haughty Stephanie to heel, Daniel calls on one of his scientific companies, which has discovered a way to travel back in time. Daniel kidnaps Stephanie and they travel back to the 1700's where he holds her captive on his Caribbean island.
With Stephanie captive at his side as his wife, their adventures begin. But can their desires for each other work for them or against them as they face the danger of pirates, treacherous island lords and their own passions if they are ever to return to the modern world

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Nov 26, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Pirates, time traveling and kinky sex all rolled up into one story, what more could a sci-fi erotic reader want?

In SUBMISSIONS IN TIME, Stephanie Waltrip is a powerful CEO of her family business. She's taken the reins since her father past away. Stephanie is smart and knows it. She is also loyal to a fault and will fight to keep her company from being taken over. Daniel Maxell waltzes in and forces Stephanie out by ripping not only her position from her, but her father's company. This hostile takeover is personal and Stephanie aims to get even, despite Daniel's handsome and powerful package.

Stephanie is a woman who knows something is up. She can't believe the way her company was bought out. Deep down, she suspects Daniel did something which caused her company to be in a weaker position and ripe for a buyout. She can't prove it, but she will find out the truth. She's in this alone because her entire family sold her out. Daniel systematically purchased their shares until she was left with only forty-eight percent. When these two powerhouses meet, more than sparks fly.

Stephanie is a great role model for women who want to make it in the business world. She's admirable in many ways. Playboy Daniel is a womanizing and patronizing anti-hero who is fixated on one thing – getting between Stephanie's legs, no matter the cost. Daniel's character is the reason this story is rated low. If this were a BDSM non-consensual story, it would have been fine. Instead, this is a romance story with a lead male character that doesn't care about the difference between right or wrong. Daniel fully understands it; he's only fixed on one goal – sex with Stephanie. Daniel is not dominating, he's domineering. Those who understand and appreciate the BDSM lifestyle will appreciate the difference.

Daniel's way to woo a woman is to steal her company through unethical tactics, undermine her intelligence to her relatives and when he is rejected for good reason, he takes it up a notch. He drugs, kidnaps, illegally marries and drags her into the 18th century. The 18thcentury is perfect for his purposes because as her husband, he owns her as a chattel. His bogus marriage isn't because he loves her. It's because he wants a two-week-uninterrupted-no-way-to-escape imprisonment to screw her out of his system. No woman has ever turned Daniel down and by God, this sexy little minx won't either! Daniel's ulterior motives leave a bad taste because it's clear that he doesn't believe he's doing anything wrong. Similar to a spoiled child, Daniel wants his toy and he will have it and play with it until he's tired of it or breaks it.

Even when he's tied Stephanie up in bed and she's experiencing flashbacks of a nasty childhood trauma, he claims he will never rape her. It appears his brand of rape is merely foreplay to seduction and hot sex. When Stephanie, in the middle of reliving her fear, suddenly is aroused by Daniel and willingly wants to have sex with him, this story became unpalatable. This is a lot to say from an intense taboo BDSM addict. The blurring of the romance with this non con gives an impression that this type of behaviour is okay and a strong woman really wants it. As far as Stephanie knows, Daniel only wants to fuck her and leave her in this century. He is giving no commitment for the future except to state if he were to beget children on her, he would allow them to traverse between both centuries while she is forced to stay in the 18th century. From this shoddy treatment and there are several other examples, the reader is supposed to believe Stephanie falls in love with Daniel. For this, Daniel comes across as amoral and a sociopath. He does what he wants and doesn't care about collateral damage.

At this point, this story has taken a nosedive to zero stars. Here's the thing with amoral people. The end results of their actions and decisions can be beneficial or not. To them, there is neither good nor bad. They focus on the goal. Daniel put a lot of money into this 18th century island he's brought Stephanie to live. He does it because he wants it to be very secure and he needs local people loyal to him. The good he's done on this island for the children and people falsely show Stephanie a humane side to him. Daniel hasn't changed. He's still looking out for number one – himself. It's just that in these actions, it is in alignment of what Stephanie values. She values protecting and being loyal. She feels he can be redeemed. Daniel doesn't show remorse for any of the grievous actions he's perpetrated on Stephanie. He is worried about how she will handle his subterfuge because his new goal is to keep Stephanie forever as his wife. A little thing like drugging, kidnapping and blackmailing threats wouldn't cause her to have issues with him, would it?

What brought the story back up is the pirate subplot. The pirates were quite clever and interestingly enough, very honourable men. They are men to be admired and yet they were considered criminals or outlaws. They possessed more ethnics and behaved in a chivalrous manner which further casts Daniel in a negative light. It makes one wonder what kind of social commentary is being made by Ms. Summers.

This story is really quite fascinating and captivating in its twists and turns. Ms. Summers does a good job of storytelling. Her descriptions of the places are clear and easy to visualize. Her world building where there could be time machines was plausible and enjoyable. The many types of villains in the story were well designed. It is only the one character -- the male lead -- which let this story down. One could argue Daniel changed his ways at the end. It didn't come across that way enough to transform a hated foe to a misunderstood loved one. It was an unbelievable stretch based on all the early actions. Still, romance readers who enjoy a bad boy spiriting off with an angry heroine may enjoy this book.
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