Out of the Past

Terri J. Lynn
Out of the Past
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Siren Publishing Inc,
Release Date
September 2011
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Amateur genealogist Melissa Wendell inadvertently uncovers a secret from the past, putting her in the crosshairs of an assassin's rifle. Detective Mike Rawlins is assigned to the case and hunts the assassin while trying to uncover secrets long buried in her family's past. Her sister seems to sense the evil that lies ahead, and Melissa believes in her sister's psychic ability, but Mike Rawlins is skeptical of any such claim. After a second attempt on her life, Melissa leaves Seattle for Boston where she discovers that her grandmother is reaching out from the grave. An unknown assailant follows her there, and soon, she is once again fighting for her life. For her survival and the love they've found together, can Mike and Melissa unravel her long-buried family secrets before a killer finds her again?

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Sep 18, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What happens when sisters Jaylene and Melissa uncover a mystery?

OUT OF THE PAST begins in 1975 with an assassin killing an unidentified man at a cabin in the Adirondack Mountains. Fast forward thirty-five years to 2010 when the sisters are nearly run down by a shiny black Cadillac in a Seattle mall parking lot. When Detective Mike Rawlins responds to the accident site, he finds out that in addition to the near miss, Melissa has been receiving phone calls telling her to "stop snooping or die". But why? Melissa is the head of HR for a Seattle Corporation and her only hobby is tracing her family tree.

Jaylene started having premonitions as a small child. As she's aged, her psychic gift has developed. Jaylene is convinced that there is a link between the near miss in the parking lot and the phone calls, which points to Melissa being in danger. A day later, Mike Rawlins finds he is in agreement with Jaylene when the clues all point to a professional hit man.

Getting up during the night, Jaylene spots the dark shape of a man running across the backyard of Melissa's secluded house. Police officers arrive on the scene to handle the call and right behind them is Detective Rawlins. Jaylene informs Mike that the prowler has been watching them and the house for several days. The detective urges the sisters to leave the area until the perpetrator is caught.

When Melissa and Mike speak with a psychiatrist in Boston looking for either her or Jaylene, she decides that further investigation is warranted. One of his patients keeps seeing the sisters grandmother, Ida Wendel in her dreams desperately trying to pass along a message. Wanting to research the Boston branch of their family and curious about the psychiatrist's patient's visions, the sisters decide that a trip to Boston is in order. When they meet with the psychiatrist's patient, she relays a message from their grandmother. The message is that "one of the sisters is going to die".

After another attempt on her life, Melissa turns the tables on the perpetrator and he falls to his death in the hotel atrium in Boston. That's all it took for Mike Rawlins to book a flight in order to rescue Melissa. Will another hit man be given the contract? Why are the sisters being targeted? Will the attraction between Mike and Melissa catch fire?

Terri Lynn has created a page turning thriller in OUT OF THE PAST. The characters were well developed and I never figured out who was behind the attempts on Melissa. Definitely put this novel on your To Read Shelf this summer!
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