The Novice Prey

S.J. Lewis
The Novice Prey
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Pink Flamingo Publications
Release Date
June 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance

When a group of women athletes, who compete in different sports, decide, on a hot and slightly tipsy afternoon, to go head-to-head in a contest where they literally put their toned and shapely asses on the line. They are unaware just how difficult it is to get into Gordburg, where the competition will be held.

After rigorous testing, both physical and psychological, only four of them make the cut: Martina, a tall, blonde volleyball player, Lynette, a skier. Naomi, a surfer, and, much to her surprise, Alexa, who competes in sports but is not a professional athlete. She's actually a personal trainer and sometime fitness model.

More or less a hanger-on when the athletes gather, she was at first flattered to be given the opportunity to join in. At best, she is usually merely tolerated by the glamorous female athletes. Often she is put down and made fun of, especially by Martina and Lynette. But once she finds that she made the cut, Alexa becomes determined to win the contest and show them all.

The contest itself is simple: The four women will each be taken to a different location in the less-developed part of the singular resort town and turned loose in the woods. Eager males will be searching for the women, and whoever is caught last wins. The competitive women also make a substantial side bet. The winner must endure all the carnal abuse that her captors put her through all the way to the end of the allotted time.

Alexa accepts the bet, even though she can barely afford it. A city girl at heart, she spends much time studying books on wilderness survival. When the contest begins, she is as prepared as she can make herself.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
May 20, 2012
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I'm a fan of Mr. Lewis's books. This is also a 4.5 star for me.

Since everything rounds down for me, this a 4 star. I asked for more gritty and rough sex. Raw sex! I asked for more f/f. I did receive the more f/f which pleased me. No anal though. Sigh.

I found this book a fun read. I rooted for Alexa to win the competition because two of the other female competitors needed a big comeuppance. I wish they were violated in more graphic detail. This would have pushed it to a 5 star for me. I'm all about the sexual violations.

Alexa is one of four women competing to see who is the last caught. The one who lasts the longest is the winner. I chortled with delight when Alexa won. This is a medium BDSM book with a happily ever after. It isn't sugar or glitterkink, but the sex scenes weren't harsh. Hot and humiliating, just how I like to see my subs.

If you liked female and elusive prey, chances are, this is right up your alley. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys capture themes with a bit of revenge mixed in. I also see a set up for a follow up book. Hoping the follow up book includes anal strap-on revenge fuck. *hint hint*
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