First Bondage

Nicky Raven
First Bondage
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House of Erotica
Release Date
February 2012
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Follow Sam down the rabbit hole as he takes his first steps into the enchanted world of BDSM, into a place where he is lucky enough to be trained by the very best, most experienced mistress that is Mistress Raven.In this world, whips and canes may break your bones, but being called names never hurt you… until now!

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
May 01, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Would you enter the lair of Mistress Raven? Would you receive an invitation to play with her? For a monetary homage, Sam finally decides to meet Mistress Raven in person. Mistress Raven isn't hard on Sam, but she isn't easy on him either.

I am always interested in Femdom stories because I want to see how it goes. Will it be the stereotypical bitchy woman with a weak submissive male? Or will I be surprised? I was not surprised. The reason why I still rated this 3 stars even though there were no surprises and it was a very short story, is because it's realistic too.

I've seen a Domme treat her male sub in this manner in a club. From what I understand, this is pretty typical of a professional Domme. This is not to be confused with dominants that are not paid professionals. Professional dominants are just that – they do what they are paid to do. They complete the scene which the client pays them to play. This is neither good nor bad. As long as the client is happy, the scene is successful. Sam is a happy boy.

I recommend this story to those who wonder what happens at a scene between a Domme and her sub.
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