Little Tease

Amy Valenti
Little Tease
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Release Date
December 2011
Book 1 of Rack and Ruin
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Sometimes switching doesn't come easily...

Lena is a switch – seventy percent Domme, thirty percent sub. When she's forced to give up her seat to a more Dominant man on Rack and Ruin's opening night, she resolves never to submit to him, on principle. The trouble is, she really, really wants to...

Josh is all Dom and sexy as hell, and he's prepared to wait for Lena to come to him. All she has to do is kneel at his feet, and she'll be his. But is she too stubborn to give him the satisfaction?

To complicate matters further, their charged little game has drawn the curiosity of most of the club's regulars. All eyes are upon them, which makes Lena all the more determined not to submit.

As the months wear on, the bond between Lena and Josh deepens as the sexual tension reaches new heights – but can their almost-relationship survive the challenges thrown their way?


This erotic romance novella contains themes of BDSM/kink and alludes to F/F intimacy. There are also scenes of public play and platonic play between friends.

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Mar 21, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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LITTLE TEASE was a hot little number in more ways than one. Set in a BDSM club, I was taunted and titillated by the main characters until I felt like I was going to burst. The build up was worth the wait, however, and I can't wait to read more from this series.

This erotic short is about two people who meet at a BDSM club opening. There is Josh, who's been out of the scene since his failed marriage, and is looking to get back into it; and Lena, a switch, who's been pretty much a Domme since her last Dom left about 3 years ago. The scene is set when Lena and Josh meet and she's made to give up her seat to him since he's all Dom and she's only part Domme. It pisses Lena off because she hated giving up her power but also because she actually wanted to do it for Josh. That little interaction starts a whole "will they or won't they" type of relationship between them, and their sexual tension becomes legendary at the club. Josh waits for Lena to make the decision to come to him, but Lena may be too stubborn to admit what she wants.

I really thought that LITTLE TEASE was cute. Cute?? Yeah, cute, you read that right. I know BDSM romance isn't normally considered cute, but the BDSM stuff really wasn't the main focus of the story in my opinion. Yeah, there was some D/s power exchange, bondage and spanking, but that was about the extent of it. Most of the book really focused on the interaction between Josh and Lena outside of the D/s boundaries, and I loved that.

The author did a great job of giving us both Lena and Josh's perspectives. Each chapter was written from one of their points of view, so there wasn't any confusion on who was thinking what.

One of the most surprising things about the book was how little sex there was in it. Most of the book was the byplay between Lena and Josh, and that was even more exciting!

My only complaint was that I wanted more. More of Josh and Lena, more of the club members...just more! LITTLE TEASE is the first book in the Rack and Ruin series, so I'm hoping that "more" that I want is in the works.

This is my first read by Amy Valenti, but with LITTLE TEASE, she's certainly piqued my curiosity. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next!
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Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Apr 10, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Ever feel like a mouse being played with by a cat?

Lena is a switch who is currently riding her Domme persona at seventy-one point two percent. Lena's a little analytical, isn't she? She doesn't appreciate becoming prey when she's been predator. Lena and her BDSM friends are enjoying the new fetish club when she meets Josh who is a friend of a friend. Josh is pure Dom. Since Lena is a Domme at this point, she's hesitant to switch back to sub, even if she melts at Josh's Dom vibes.

This story is a bit slow at times, but it was interesting reading about Lena struggling with her desires and what her head tells her. Josh is masterful and sensitive. I'm honestly blown away by his sensitivity and maturity. He never does anything to corner or push Lena into submitting. Instead, he exercises patience and coaxes Lena to trust him. This is the story where the cat plays with its food before he eats it…but he doesn't harm the mouse. The cat may torture, torment and titillate the mouse, but nothing non-consensual. *wink wink*

This dance between Lena and Josh with interference from well-intentioned and callous friends caused me to chortle at times. There is one conflict in the story, which didn't really gel with me. Ben is a sub of Lena's friend, Mel. He does something which I wouldn't really think twice about if I were in Lena's position. I'm not sure why it caused her such humiliation and nearly prevented her from submitting to Josh.

The BDSM in this story was more about D/s and how to build trust in a relationship. This is a nice softer side to the BDSM stories. The scenes were sweet and nothing intense. Just like the title, I found the BDSM scenes to be just a little tease. I recommend this story for new to BDSM readers and those who love the SugarKink. It's a short and sweet read.
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