The Beast

Alianne Donnelly
The Beast
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Release Date
January 2012
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

There are hard lessons to take from the story of Beauty and the Beast, which tend to be forgotten. Knowing there is a happy ending to be had, we tend to overlook and forgive the Beast's flaws. But what if they're not so easy to dismiss? A gentle man trapped in the body of a beast is one thing. But what if the beast is the gentle one, and the man is the monster? What if to save one, the other must be sacrificed?

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Jul 01, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE BEAST is Alianne Donnelly's take on the story of Beauty and the Beast, which to me, was reminiscent of the 1946 French movie "La Belle et la BÍte". When we first meet Lysette, she is about to enter the chamber of the beast, or is it the man. Ms. Donnelly does a lovely job of twisting the roles of man and beast into something unexpected and yet accurate as we are witness to the anger (and potential madness) of the man. And who wouldn't be angry given his curse?

Overall, I found the story charming and I enjoyed the progression of Lysette's love for both the beast and the man. The use of her family as potential foil was well done and the dramatic ending was well played out.

Lovers of fairy tales with a romantic twist will enjoy this story. So grab a glass of wine and curl up with your favorite reader for you are in for an enjoyable evening. You won't be disappointed.
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