Submission on the Run

Silvia Violet
Submission on the Run
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Loose ID
Release Date
July 2006
Book 2 of Surrender
Erotic Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements

After her mother's death, Princess Alcina of Boetia took over the job of raising her younger brother, a boy who will one day be king. Her father's increasing depression over the loss of his wife has forced her to shoulder much of the burden of running a planet where most men don't recognize a woman's right to rule herself, much less a government. Alcina is close to snapping from exhaustion, but she refuses to trust anyone with her responsibilities.

Ivan is a Lalatian dominant sent to make contact with the Boetians and convince them of the importance of forging alliances between the universe's older races. He is immediately drawn to the fiery, independent Princess Alcina. He soon realizes that under her bravado she hides a need to give up her hard won control. He wants nothing more than to teach her the beauty of submission.

An ancient Lalatian prophecy foretells the intermarrying of the ancient races. The more Ivan interacts with Alcina, the more convinced he becomes that she is his intended mate. Alcina admits to her lust for Ivan, but she fears what will happen if she submits to the domination she craves. Can she let go enough for the love that is growing between them take root, or will the political tension on Boetia and the fear in her soul force them apart?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Aug 30, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Are the men not meeting up to your standard but your father, the king, wants you to marry? How about a naked foot race to win your hand? Whoever can run faster than you, basically catch you, you'll marry that man. This story reminds me of Atalanta, princess of Arkadian in Greek mythology.

Princess Alcina of Boetia won the last five races. She's determined not to wed until she finds a man on her planet who can dominate her. She didn't count on an off world man who could beat her. Ivan is a Lalatian dominant who sees through her aggressive facade to find the submissive in her. Ivan is an emissary to help unite more of the older races against the threat of conquering humans.

With reservations, Ivan travelled to Boetia to request for the King of Boetia to allow Lalatians to find mates in Boetia. Never did he expect to find his mate. While he's working on convincing Alcina they can be together, a civil war breaks out. Instead of wooing his mate, he's drafted to help protect her and fight for her kingdom. I fell for Ivan. He's a dom I drool over and would willingly submit to his will. If you want a mate who respects his submissive and can take you to sexual highs, Ivan is the man for you.

I enjoyed this second book as we learn more about the Lalatian culture. I find the dominants pretty sexy. The sex scenes are light in BDSM, what I would consider SugarKink. Still they are tasty if sweet. Ms. Violet adds more pieces to her world building. I'm eager to read more stories in this series. I would also like to read a story focused on a Lalatian submissive as a lead character. I recommend this book to those who would enjoy an erotic fantasy with aliens and light bondage and submission.
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