This May End Badly

Samantha Markum
This May End Badly
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April 2022
Contemporary Romance, Young Adult Romance

When a high stakes boarding school prank war leads to a fake dating scheme, two teens must decide if they are ready to take the ultimate risk—falling in love—in Samantha Markum's This May End Badly…

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Aug 19, 2021   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THIS MAY END BADLY, despite the title, is a fun book with the all-out prank war. It's a tradition for the Weston girls and the Winfield boys (whose boarding schools are just across the road from each other) to one-up each other on pranks. All those hormones...

**a bit spoiler**

Although I do have to say that the oiling prank went a bit too far. Someone could've been badly hurt (no matter how much care went into making sure everyone was safe, because accidents do happen), and it disturbed me a bit that Doe didn't feel the least bit remorseful about it afterwards. (Do correct me if I'm wrong)

The pranks mainly centered around Doe (the brains behind the pranks done by the Weston girls, but really, it's mainly done by Doe and her friends) wanting to one-up Three (the boy who's the leader at Winfield). I do feel that she's a bit too fixated on that, how she specifically thinks of pranks that would get under Three's skin, and yet she didn't feel anything for him? Hmm...

**end spoiler**

The book was saved by the romance between Doe and Wells, and given depth by how Doe grew over the course of the book, her realizations and how she was willing (they all were, actually) to set aside the rivalry to focus on the greater issue at hand.

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