A Governess Should Never... Tempt a Prizefighter

Emily Windsor
A Governess Should Never... Tempt a Prizefighter
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Senara Press
Release Date
November 2020
Book 1 of The Governess Chronicles
Historical Romance, Romantic Comedy

"So tell me, Miss Griffin, why should I employ you as governess?"
A question to rouse fear within the breast of any prospective governess but for Matilda, a lady without references, appropriate brown clothing or any experience with children whatsoever, doubly so.
Yet alone in the world except for a brutish guardian and a malodorous betrothed, Matilda must seek her own future, even if that means employment in the household of a rugged ex-prizefighter with sizeable muscles and doubtless miniscule intellect.

"Please continue to enlighten me, Miss Griffin."
Mr Seth Hawkins, owner of famed Boxing Academy, has reached the point of desperation in his search for a governess.
Yet with no other suitable candidates, could this yellow-clad, bespectacled female who seemed to think him a witless dolt with calloused knuckles and no books, teach his daughter the ways of a lady?

The Lady and the Prizefighter.
One should never judge a man by his well-defined muscles or a lady by her yellow-silk slippers, for beneath both façades lay yearning hearts, shared dreams and a taste for adventure.
With tavern excursions, scandalous kisses in midnight carriages, whifflers, nobblers and dressing as a nefarious footpad on the prowl, the vocation of governess has never been so exciting…

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Dec 06, 2020   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A GOVERNESS SHOULD NEVER... TEMPT A PRIZEFIGHTER is the first book in The Governess Chronicles and details how Matilda takes her future into her own hands and resists the marriage her slimy guardian wants her to make and instead, prepares to become a governess. Seth is something of a novelty to the Ton, on the outside but invited in occasionally. He needs a governess for his daughter and she needs an escape until she reaches her majority.

This was a great read with Matilda not being a cauliflower at all (read the book and you'll get the reference!) nor a limp lettuce which Regency heroines sometimes seem to tend to be.

The relationship between her and Seth is a slow-burn with instant attraction that keeps you turning the pages. How he was with her, especially at the end, made my heart melt!

The only trouble I had was with the slang used. I matched Matilda in not knowing what they were on about. When the explanation was given, it brought a smile to my face but there is one scene where Seth gets rather excited at a fight and I have no idea what the hell he goes on about!

A brilliant book with a feisty heroine not prepared to fight for her future. Definitely recommended by me.
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