What a Wolf Demands

Amy Pennza
What a Wolf Demands
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Release Date
December 2019
Book 3 of Lux Catena
Paranormal Romance

Hitman. Killer. Problem-solver. Dominic Prado is the best at what he does. When werewolves lose control, the Alpha sends Dominic to clean up the mess. It's not a job to covet. It's not well-suited to someone burdened by emotion. But it suits Dom just fine. After he lost the love of his life, he hasn't felt much of anything at all.

And he's ready for a clean, easy kill. When he learns there's a murderer on the loose in the Louisiana bayou, he signs on without a second thought. The last thing he expects to find at the end of his hunt is a trash-talking beauty with flashing green eyes, a body that won't quit…and a damn mean right hook.

As a latent werewolf, Lily Agincourt has spent the past five years on the fringes of wolf society—an outcast with few rights and almost no prospects for the future. On the other hand, being a latent means sidestepping the pressures of shifter life. Free from wolf politics and the obligatory search for a lifemate, she can live exactly as she chooses.

But when she's accused of murder, her life is instantly forfeit. There is no judge and jury for a latent—just an executioner. But when the man sent to kill her ends up in her bed—and stays there for days—hope blooms that she may just survive this, after all. Who knew an executioner's arms could be so warm…or so pleasurably wicked?

Will Dom help her prove her innocence? Or after taking her body, merely follow orders and take her life, as well...

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Mar 28, 2020   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WHAT A WOLF DEMANDS is the third book in the Lux Catena series. This time we meet up with Dom, Remy's best friend and fellow Telepath. And also Lily, a fiery-haired latent wolf on the run from an act of self-defence that she knows she will be killed for.

I loved every word of this book. From the self-isolation Dom imposes upon himself, to the inner strength of Lily, there was something here for everyone. Now, it's a shifter book so you expect it to be kind of insta-love and this one is no different. What is different is Dom's reaction to it and what he does once he realises.

The characters are as good as ever, with Lizette and Sophie welcoming Lily with open arms. Max and Remy have their hands full, of that, there is no doubt, and now Dom is joining them. Funny, none of them seems disappointed by that! 😉

This is a brilliant Shifter world, one that I love reading about and can't wait to rejoin. This series is going from strength to strength and now we also have the introduction of the witch-born, I can't wait to see where it goes next.

Absolutely recommended by me!
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