Earl of Scarborough

Collette Cameron
Earl of Scarborough
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Blue Rose Romance
Release Date
November 2019
Historical Romance

'Tis the season to be wicked…

When a woman desperate for a job saves the life of an earl…
… both of their plans for the future are thwarted.

He's eccentric and society-shy…

There's no polite way to describe Ansley, Earl of Scarborough's obsession with schedules and inflexible routines. Unfortunately, he's also in need of a wife, which forces him squarely in the midst of the society he can scarcely function in. If only he dared to ignore the haut ton's censure and claim the lovely, wholly unsuitable Willow as his own.

She seeks a governess post…

Up from the country, Willow Harwood must quickly secure a governess position and save enough money to return to America. Only, her plans are foiled when she rushes to the rescue of a devastatingly handsome earl in the process of being robbed. Though he's far above her station, she can't fight the irrepressible attraction she feels toward him.

Neither is prepared for the upheaval to their lives when she reluctantly accepts his offer of employment…as his housekeeper. Nor can either predict the mayhem that follows when a lord who disdains society and a country miss with no experience plan a haut ton Christmastide gathering.

This charming Regency holiday historical will make you smile, laugh, and sigh with contentment as you witness the sweet and tender love growing between Ansley and Willow.

If you enjoy reading entertaining Christmas, class difference, strong heroine, and lovable rogue stories with a dash of romantic humor and heart-warming emotion, then you'll adore this enthralling WICKED EARLS' CLUB SERIES. Buy EARL OF SCARBOROUGH and settle into your favorite reading nook for a page-turning escape into a Regency world adventure you can't put down.

Though part of a series, this book can easily be read as a stand-alone novel.

Book Review by Blue (reviewer)
Jan 19, 2020   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Ansley Twistleton, Earl of Scarborough, is a socially awkward man, who mostly keeps to himself. He has a routine which he adheres to like clockwork – any deviation causes him anxiety. Today we'd call his condition obsessive compulsive disorder. Despite his avoiding social situations, when he does deign to converse, he has a sardonic and biting wit, which has earned him the nickname "Earl of Sarcasm." When Scarborough is walking home one night and is attacked by robbers, a young lady joins the scuffle, using her umbrella to try to ward off the villains.

Willow Harwood has come to London seeking a governess position, and is walking to her boardinghouse to save funds. The half-American young lady is orphaned, and seeks to earn sufficient funds to return to her homeland, as there is prejudice against her here, though she is half-English. When she sees the ruffians attack a young man, she doesn't hesitate to try to help him.

Together Willow and Scarborough subdue the robbers, and he insists on walking her to her home. Scarborough is surprised at how at ease he feels around Willow, unlike all the debutantes who flutter around and try to lure him into marriage. He can't stop thinking about her, and the very next day, he encounters her at the employment agency where he was seeking to hire a new housekeeper. (He must be the only one to hire the servants, part of his sense of order.) He sees Willow turned away from the agency solely because of her accent, and he impulsively hires her as his housekeeper. Yes, Lord Scarborough has done something hastily and out of character. Without any other resources, Willow accepts the job, telling Scarborough that she will only stay until she has earned enough to return to America.

Willow learns the ropes from Scarborough's retiring housekeeper and does a creditable job. However, she does her best to avoid Scarborough, as her feelings for him are definitely not those of an employee to an employer. While Scarborough is equally smitten, he seeks Willow out at every opportunity, reveling in the effect she has on him. He's finding that he's no longer so uptight if he doesn't stick strictly to his routine. He actually enjoys conversing with her. When they finally share a few stolen kisses, Scarborough is sure that he must have Willow in his life permanently. But what does that mean? He's a noble, she's a commoner and his servant. Any marriage between them would bring him nothing but censure, and Willow will not become a mistress.

EARL OF SCARBOROUGH is a short and light read for those who enjoy a fairy tale like element in their romance. I really felt for Scarborough, as he struggled with his social disorder, though Willow seemed to be the therapy he needed. In turn, Scarborough played the part of Prince Charming in providing a home and new life for Willow, as they found their happy ever after.
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