Colton on the Run

Anna J Stewart
Colton on the Run
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Release Date
September 2019
Book 9 of The Coltons of Roaring Springs
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Where is Skye Colton?

One woman's disappearance rocks Roaring Springs

When he finds a half-dead woman stranded in his barn, rancher Leo Slattery feels his blood run cold. Though she can't remember who she is, she insists someone is trying to kill her. With his strong protective streak, Leo brings her into the fold and helps her heal. As they begin to solve the mystery of Jane Doe's identity, a would-be killer works to eliminate her—forever.

Book Review by Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
Jul 10, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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COLTON ON THE RUN (Coltons of Roaring Springs Book 9) by Anna J. Stewart is a new Harlequin Romantic Suspense that I could not stop reading. Ms. Stuart had me completely engrossed in Skye Colton's story and the strong rancher who will do anything to protect her.

Skye Colton is missing.

She wakes with no memory of who she is. She needs to escape. She is bound in an old shed and just knows she needs to run before someone comes back.

Leo Slattery has returned to Roaring Springs to run the ranch his grandparents left him. As he and his dog Ollie head into the barn to begin their day, they find a half-dead woman hiding in a pile of hay. The woman has no memory, but she knows she is in danger and she is terrified of the police. Her injuries and fear bring out Leo's protective streak and he promises he will keep her safe.

As Leo keeps her secret and "Jane" begins to heal, the two forge a bond while working side by side on the ranch. "Jane" wants more from Leo than he is willing to give until they can find out who she really is and where she belongs, but she refuses to go to the police out of an unknown fear and not wanting her time with Leo to end.

But someone is looking for her and will not stop until she is silenced. She witnessed something that a killer does not want her to remember.

This book is an absolutely perfect escape read. It is fast paced, easy-to-read and contains all the elements I am looking for in a romantic suspense. Leo is the hero we all want; strong, protective and loving. Skye/"Jane" may need Leo's help, but she is no pushover and blossoms on the ranch. There is one explicit sex scene, but it is not gratuitous. As the romance builds, the suspense continues to build the more "Jane" remembers. All of the secondary characters were fully fleshed and realistic which is unusual for a story of this length. Also, this book can easily be read as a standalone.

I love and recommend this addition to the series!
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