Whom Shall I Kiss... An Earl, A Marquess, or A Duke?

Laura A. Barnes
Whom Shall I Kiss... An Earl, A Marquess, or A Duke?
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Laura A. Barnes
Release Date
February 2019
Book 1 of Tricking the Scoundrels
Historical fiction, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Historical Romance, Romantic Comedy

What started as a research project soon became a scandal...
She wanted to prove a theory. He wanted to play a game. Can their schemes lead them towards a kiss of love?
Tired of watching her friends become ruined by the scoundrels of the ton, Sidney Hartridge devises an experiment to reveal their antics. Her plan is to lure three gentlemen to kiss her and see how they would protect her honor. When her research leads her into her own inappropriate scandal, her father agrees to a wedding offer from one of her subjects. As her fiancé blackmails her into a marriage she doesn't desire, her research becomes exposed. Can Sidney avoid her own scandal with the one she most desires to kiss?
Noah Wildeburg started this season as any other by flirting with the sweet new debutantes. When he rescues a lady off the dance floor, he is unprepared for the emotions she stirs in his soul. As he pursues her, he realizes he must compete for her hand. As he charms her with tokens of affections and stolen kisses, he discovers she plays her own game. Will Noah win Sidney's love or is she just another scandal to add to his list?
Whom Shall I Kiss… An Earl, A Marquess, or A Duke? is the first book in Laura A. Barnes new historical romance series. If you like lighthearted drama filled courtships set in Regency England, then you'll love this new foray into the ton.
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Book Review by Blue (reviewer)
Apr 22, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sidney Hartridge is an intelligent young lady who often assists her father (an earl and advisor to the Crown) with his research projects. Her conservative dress and unflirtatious behavior have made her something of a wallflower. Sidney notices time and again how easily young ladies in society can be ruined by uncaring rogues who steal kisses, compromise them, then disappear. She decides to conduct her own experiment by kissing three different gentlemen and then "outing" them in a paper she plans to write. By changing to a more provocative style of dress and acting in a bolder manner, Sidney soon has gentlemen flocking around her.

The subjects for Sidney's experiment are Roderick "Rory" Beckwith, an earl and family friend who often participates alongside Sidney in her father's research; Noah "Wilde" Wildeburg, a marquess with a rakish reputation; and Alex Langley, a duke who is actively seeking a wife. It's easy enough for Sidney to catch all three of these men's attention. Soon enough, her friend Rory is seeing her with new eyes, Alex believes she'll make the perfect wife for him, and Noah finds himself smitten in spite of not wanting to be.

I admit that the gentleman I first thought would be Sidney's genuine love turned out not to be. Sidney plays with fire by getting in deeper than she ever expected to, and the battle for her affections turns serious, with impending scandal, a forced engagement, and friend versus friend. WHOM SHALL I KISS actually started off on a lighter note, and I expected an amusing romp. While the book is definitely entertaining, it seemed to somehow take a serious twist, showcasing some of the pitfalls that could happen back in the Regency era. Sidney's experiment seems to have caused her to fall victim to the very situation she hoped to wallop in her exposé. I totally enjoyed this somewhat unusual book, and I look forward to future offerings from Laura Barnes.
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