Finding Lord Farlisle

Cassandra Dean
Finding Lord Farlisle
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Cassandra Dean
Release Date
November 2018
Book 1 of Lost Lords
Historical Romance

The boy she never forgot
Lady Alexandra Torrence knows she's odd. Fascinated by spirits, she sets out to investigate rumours of a ghost at Waithe Hall, the haunt of her childhood. Its shuttered corridors stir her own ghosts: memories of the friend she'd lost. Maxim had been her childhood playmate, her kindred spirit, the boy she was beginning to love …but then he'd abandoned her, only to be lost at sea. She never expected to stumble upon a handsome and rough-hewn man who had made the Hall his home, a man she is shocked to discover is Maxim: alive, older…and with no memory of her.

The girl he finally remembers
Eleven years ago, a shipwreck robbed Lord Maxim Farlisle of his memory. Finally remembering himself, he journeys to his childhood home to find Waithe Hall shut and deserted. Unwilling to face what remains of his family, Maxim makes his home in the abandoned hall only to have a determined beauty invade his uneasy peace. This woman insists he remember her and slowly, he does. Once, he and Alexandra had been inseparable, beloved friends who were growing into something more…but the reasons he left still exist, and how can he offer her a broken man?

As the two rediscover their connection, the promise of young love burns into an overwhelming passion. But the time apart has scarred them both—will they discover a love that binds them together, or will the past tear them apart forever?

Book Review by Blue (reviewer)
Jan 15, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Lady Alexandra Torrence has always been considered a bit odd. Her current passion is writing articles about her investigations into psychic phenomena. She has heard rumors of ghostly lights in Waithe Hall, the estate next to hers, and she intends to see what she can find out. Though Waithe Hall is currently uninhabited, it's the home of the Farlisles, close friends of her own family. Years ago, Maxim Farlisle was her best friend and constant companion, until he went to sea and perished in a wreck. As Alexandra enters the home she knows as well as her own, she's overwhelmed by memories of Maxim, and her grief at losing him hits her all over again, though eleven years have passed.

After a bitter altercation with his father, young Maxim left home in a temper. He went to sea, only to be victim of a wreck that left him without his memory. In the intervening years, he worked as a servant, then a sailor. Eventually pieces of his memory came back, and he realized he belonged in England and began to work his way home. He actually spotted one of his brothers in London, but hesitated to contact him because of his confusion. Max decided to return to Waithe Hall and hide out in the deserted home of his childhood.

When Alexandra encounters Maxim, she knows he's not a ghost, but is indeed her long-lost childhood friend, long presumed dead. She flings herself into his arms, only to coldly be told to leave the house, as he seems to not know who she is. While a nasty rainstorm prevents Alexandra from leaving, she begins to slowly ease her way into Maxim's confidence, and soon he's more at ease around her.

Over the course of the next several days, more memories come back to Maxim, good ones of Alexandra, as well as the painful ones of his father. FINDING LORD FARLISLE is a very short and sweet novella, which features the reconciliation of two childhood friends turning into a passionate love. Alexandra and Maxim can both be considered odd, or misfits, yet they fit each other perfectly. This charming romance can be read in about an hour, and features a happy glimpse into the future, via an epilogue, one of my very favorite things.
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