Christmas in the Duke's Embrace

Amanda Mariel
Christmas in the Duke's Embrace
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Brook Ridge Press
Release Date
November 2018
Historical Romance

Disgraced and betrayed by those she trusted most, Lady Marina Ellis finds herself near death and in desperate need of rescue.

Evan Lockhart, never expected to find a woman buried in a snowbank outside of his ducal manor, but now that he has he cannot turn her away.

As Christmas approaches the pair form a bond neither expected, but can they overcome the obstacles standing between them and embrace their chance at love?

Book Review by Blue (reviewer)
Mar 01, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Lady Marina Ellis believed Lord Banfield when he said he loved her, that they'd wed as soon as he "settled his future." Fully expecting to be married shortly, Marina gives in to Lord Banfield's pleas, and soon finds herself expecting a child. Suddenly Lord Banfield rejects her, saying that they'll never marry. The Earl Langmore, Marina's father, is incensed with Marina and the shame she's brought to the family. He arranges to send her away permanently to a distant relative, and have the child be taken away from her. While en route to her dour aunt's home, her carriage is attacked by highwaymen, who abandon her to freeze in the cold and snow.

Evan Lockheart, Duke of Roxley, lives in seclusion, having no need of society who calls him the Duke of Death. Evan has lost his parents, his sister, and his wife, along with their stillborn son. His grief has convinced him that he'll never allow himself to love again, and he's content with his solitude. While riding one day, he comes across a bundle of cloth in the snow, and that bundle turns out to be Marina, who's injured and freezing. Evan takes the unconscious Marina home, hoping to be able to save her life.

What follows is a sweet developing love between a man who thought he'd never feel again, and a woman betrayed who gave up all hope. I love Evan's acceptance and lack of judgment for Marina's situation. His care of Marina and his willingness to accept another man's child, even if it turns out to be a boy and his heir, makes him genuine hero material. CHRISTMAS IN THE DUKE'S EMBRACE is a very short and sweet story of two wounded souls healing each other, and finding a love that neither thought was in the cards for them.
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