Leopard's Daughter

Stephen J. Tillman
Leopard's Daughter
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Azure Spider Publications
Release Date
September 2018
Book 1 of Were-Leopard

Genre: Crime/Fantasy

Leopard's Daughter is a markedly original crime novel with elements of the occult. In a world where vampires and werewolves exist, but are extremely rare, Bobby Sandar, his wife, Olivia, and their two oldest children are were-leopards. Bobby and Olivia are Secret Service agents. Following Bobby's death, Olivia feels the need for a fresh start. She takes a job as a detective in the sheriff's department of a rural western county. Olivia's first assignment is to go undercover as an exotic dancer in a nightclub run by gangsters. She has to battle mobbed-up criminals, a terrorist leader who is aware of Olivia's history and abilities, and human traffickers to save her family and herself.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Dec 11, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Take a hefty mix of crime and mix it with the paranormal and you have Stephen J. Tillman's LEOPARD'S DAUGHTER. The story jumps into the excitement quickly with Bobby and Olivia Sandar, Secret Service agents on presidential detail, which goes wrong leaving Olivia a widow with three children. Deciding they needed to get out of DC, Olivia takes a job across the country and she finds herself working to solve different criminal activities ranging from gangsters to terrorists to drugs and human trafficking. That's a lot for a rural western town. Even worse, old enemies show up and it's paws to the ground, as Olivia must save the ones she loves.

Likes: I really liked that Olivia is such a strong female character. The fact that she's a were-leopard makes her physically strong AND fast, but she's also smart and it was fun reading much of the story from her point of view. The majority of the other women in the story were also strong characters including the sheriff, Tammy and her friends, and even the vampire, Cannery. I also enjoyed the way the story unfolded building in intensity--both from a personal relationships standpoint and in the action.

Dislikes: I should premise this with I'm not sure if it was intentional, but while I really enjoyed the female characters, I found the male ones incredibly over the top in terms of villainy to the point that it was comical. Whether it was the attack on the president's cavalcade, the deputies in the western town, any/all of the bad guys (Americans, Cartel, and the two different Arabic contingents), their portrayals tipped the scale from crime novel to fantasy, which detracted from the story for me.

Lovers of paranormal crime stories (is that a genre? It should be) will enjoy Mr. Tillman's story. The premise for the story is interesting, the overall plot is tightly constructed and flows well, and for those who enjoy stories with strong female characters, LEOPARD'S DAUGHTER doesn't disappoint.
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