Enticed by the Gargoyle

Lisa Carlisle
Enticed by the Gargoyle
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Release Date
July 2018
Book 2 of Stone Sentries
New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Are the demons truly gone?

The gargoyles remain on watch.

And her friend is trapped in an incubus-induced coma.

Larissa, a Boston police officer, encountered the red-winged monsters during their rampage. The chaotic aftermath prevents rest any time soon. And a question remains unanswered—how was she able to combat demons using nothing but her hands?

Her new lover, Roman, a gargoyle shifter, believes it's because she's she's a witch. Ridiculous, right? She's a cop, like her dad. But, normal cops don't shoot bolts of energy at demons...

When she glimpses another supernatural threat, Larissa struggles with the vision. Is it her imagination tormenting her? Or worse—another premonition?

Continue Larissa and Roman's action-packed romance in part two of the Stone Sentries trilogy.

Book Review by Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
Aug 29, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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ENTICED BY THE GARGOYLE (Boston Stone Sentries #2) by Lisa Carlisle is a paranormal romance/urban fantasy. This is the second book in the trilogy and has more worldbuilding and action and less romance than the first novella.

Larissa Riley has been placed on leave from the Boston police force after the demon attack. Larissa and the police are trying to understand what happened, especially when Larissa had light beams coming from her hands to chase the demons back into the portal.

Roman, a gargoyle shifter, is Larissa's lover and her mate. Roman believes Larissa is a witch, but Larissa is having a hard time understanding how that is possible. When she confronts her father and then her grandmother, the truth of her heritage is revealed. Larissa has had her life beliefs turned upside down and now must start to work to bring her powers under control.

Larissa has another vision of a demon threat. Roman and his gargoyle sentries have spotted demons on this side of the portal. The demon threat continues and they are coming for Larissa and those she loves. Can Roman protect the woman who is his mate and the world against demons as Larissa learns her magical powers and what being a gargoyle's mate entails?

This second book in the trilogy has more emphasis on Larissa discovering her witch heritage and action with Roman and his fellow gargoyles finding demons on this side of the portal who escaped the closing. The action plot and worldbuilding continue on at a good pace. My problem with this book in the trilogy was Larrisa and Roman's romance. This went from a hot gargoyle meets mate with great sex in book one to emotions and actions that were very immature on Larissa's part in this book. I really had a hard time believing these two were "mates" in this book. I am a big fan of Ms. Carlisle's smoking hot relationships, but I feel this book did not live up to the promise of the first in the romance story line.

That said, I am looking forward to the last book in this trilogy to see how the author reconciles the demon threat and hopefully get Larissa and Roman's romance back to the level I expect from this author.
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