Beyond the Shadows

Cassidy Hunter
Beyond the Shadows
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Loose Id
Release Date
June 2011
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Sarah will do whatever it takes to get her brother out of Kai Trinder's prison -- even petitioning the commander to take her into his household along with the other women he protects.

Once he accepts her petition and she belongs to him, he can do whatever he wants with her. And to her. He teaches her to enjoy her body and what he can do to it, and slowly, she begins to fall for him. But she can't allow her heart to rule her. She must betray him to save her brother.

But in the muscled arms of her lover, Sarah discovers true love. Now she must make a decision that will shatter her heart, no matter what she decides to do.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jul 29, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What would you do to save your last remaining family member? Sarah will do anything to save her brother, Constantine, even sell her body to the devilish handsome enemy. Kai imprisoned Constantine for an unforgivable crime. He's also been burned by women he's loved. Sarah draws him in; he unwillingly brings her into the settlement he owns. His land is one of the best and safest. In order to keep it this way, Kai needs to bring in the right people who can contribute. Those who trespass, he has to send a clear and strict message. Sometimes, this means death. Why should he buy Sarah when he already possesses a harem full of women?

Sarah has been abused for a while through daily rapes. She begs her brother for help, which is why they are in this mess. Now that she's escaped her rapist, she needs to free her brother from Kai. Her plan is to seduce Kai, free her brother and then flee, but the plan backfires. Yes, as the reader can guess, Sarah falls for Kai. When the betrayal comes to light, Sarah is imprisoned and then punished.

While Sarah could come off as some victimized weakling, she does not. For this, I'm very happy. She's a heroine who has made the best of her situation and hasn't given up the fight. Sure, her "conspiracy" to free her brother isn't the brightest or most complex, but she tried. Kai seems to be the man where the entire world rests upon his shoulder. He has many responsibilities. I understand his desire to find the one person who he can enjoy with and be himself. This is why I felt badly for him when he is betrayed. I do like his dominating personality -- quite the turn on.

One could say this means the book is BDSM because there is bondage and rough sex. I say, it's still just kinky sex with a bit of spice. One of my favourite new terms is SugarKink. This kinky sex by Ms. Hunter is very sweet and HOT! The sexual tension between Sarah and Kai caused me to eye my spouse like a juicy piece of meat. This story is well written with good conflict and resolution. I didn't fully understand the entire world, but I believe this is a book in a series. I would expect each book to reveal more about this world and explain why there are lands in the "shadows".

This book moved at a nice pace with every scene meaningful. I was engaged the entire time and when I was done, I wanted more. I hope her second book covers Constantine. I want to learn more about him. I recommend this book who like star-crossed lovers who end in a happily ever after.
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