The Elevator (Close Proximity #1)

Erin M. Leaf
The Elevator (Close Proximity #1)
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
July 2018
Book 1 of Close Proximity
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Romantic Comedy

Adrian Hughes is a geek who sucks at social interaction because awkward is his middle name. Even though he's gay, he's the opposite of flamboyant (when they were handing out fabulous, he was hiding in another room). Even so, he's always wanted a boyfriend—who doesn't want to find love?—but so far, the closest he's gotten to it is crushing on the hot older guy he only sees on the elevator. So what happens when he's trapped inside it with Mr. Zillionaire Hottie during a heat wave brownout? He stutters like an idiot, because Mr. Greyson Lee is unexpectedly cool, calm, and collected … right up until he's not.

When kissing leads to sex, Adrian can't say no. But is it just a hookup? Or is it the start of something more?

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Jul 21, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE ELEVATOR is the first in the Close Proximity series, which from the looks of this book, is going to be short and steamy reads!

Adrian is a self-proclaimed geek, and works hard for a company that doesn't really appear to deserve him. Greyson is the owner of the building, definitely a millionaire but probably a multi-billionaire, and has his sights set on Adrian.

This is a short story, so expect a fast pace. The whole story takes place from Friday through Monday, so don't expect too much detail. The details you do get though are brilliant and really help to see all the characters. It is well written, with no editing or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading flow. I would recommend this read as perfect for a coffee break book, so long as you don't mind being hot under the collar!

More in this series? Bring it on!
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Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Jul 24, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Adrian and Mr. Greyson Lee seem to have nothing in common, until a brownout left them stuck in an elevator. The forced proximity of the situation makes them realizes they might have been what the other has been needing. But when the power is up again and they are faced with the differences between them, would the time spent together be enough to create strong emotions that would make a new relationship grow?

It was an entertaining read. The plot was a little simple and kind of expected but really enjoyable. It was a little bit too fast-paced, making the relationship between Adrian and Grey feel a little forced and too much like insta-love or more like insta-lust, since the events were developed in a too short time to make me feel there was really love between them. There were some surprises in the plot but I wasn't really too pleased with it, mostly a conflict presented with a co-worker that seem unnecessary.

What I liked the most about it was that was pretty much free of angst, it had a flirty and hot tone and some fun moments too. Overall it was a nice book to read and it can be enjoyed by M/M readers looking for something short without much angst.
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