Untamed Darkness

Kate Wendley
Untamed Darkness
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Moonlight Magic Publishing
Release Date
June 2018
Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Six years ago Helena was turned into a werewolf by her one and only one night stand. And she quickly learned that the jerk had no sympathy for her now upside down world. Nowadays she kept far away from anyone and anything that could tempt her well hidden monster to take over and destroy her carefully controlled life. But some days were harder than others to keep her sanity.

Marc knew he needed to change some things in his life, but he had no idea how. He had no goals and hung out with all the wrong kinds of people. So when serious, put together Helena appeared out of nowhere, and obviously needed help containing her werewolf, even though she insisted she didn't, he found every excuse in the book to be around for her. Now if only he could find a real reason for her to need him in her life.

Forest of Darkness Series:
Untamed Darkness, Novella 0.5
Mastering Darkness, Book 1
Abandoned Darkness, Book 2
Resisting Darkness, Book 3
Shifting Darkness, Book 4

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Sep 08, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Love this series and so thrilled to see another book in the series. Maybe Ms. Wendley will write some more in this magical world of shifters and vampires. This tale takes the reader back to the beginning as a prequel, which means it can be read as a standalone. In this world, humans know nothing of the supernatural world and it needs to stay this way. Unfortunately for Helena, the one time she lets loose, it cost her a lot. Not only was the guy a bad lay, he bit her and the next thing she knows, she is turning hairier than her razor blade can keep up. No amount of shaving is going to keep her from looking like a wolf. Because she is now a werewolf. A new werewolf with no instruction and uncontrollable hunger and rage is a nightmare for Helena. Because being out of control is anathema for her due to how her mother grew up. Helena is determined to be different than her mother and is always super controlled. One could call her a control freak. Fumbling around in this crazy new world, Helena is a danger to herself and everyone else. Luckily for her, she accidentally bumps into a group of shifters and entices a lover boy with her elusive scent.

This story is fun as the reader witnesses Helena's mating dance with Marc. Marc is a werewolf who's been a party animal for so long, he's basically pissing his life away. A bit disgusted with himself, Helena is just the catalyst to clean himself up and finally grow up. This coming of age story mixed with self-discovery and off beat romance is quirky, humours and delightful. Ms. Wendley whisks me away into this underground paranormal world where the characters are loveable and the danger of being exposed is ever present. I loved Helena's strong character and how she learns to meld with her wolf. Just as I loved Marc waking up and realizing there is more to life than slutting around and drinking. These two met at the right time for each other and their romance may be fraught with pitfalls, yet it still is so sweet. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love strong females and reformed bad boys.
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