A Scottish Duke for Christmas

Sasha Cottman
A Scottish Duke for Christmas
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Release Date
November 2017
Book 4 of The Duke of Strathmore
Historical Romance

A night of scandalous passion has come at a high price for Ewan Radley, Duke of Strathmore. His headstrong fiancée has fled, and he is now left to raise their love child on his own.

Lady Caroline Hastings isn't about to forgive the man who threw her over for her sister, but when Ewan begs her to come to Scotland and help save his son, she cannot refuse him.

Trapped together within a snowbound castle, they struggle to come to terms with their past. Ewan seeks to win Caroline back, but she is determined not to be a convenient solution to his problem.

As Christmas approaches, Ewan searches high and low for that one special Christmas gift to give to her. But it will take more than mere jewels or fancy clothes because Caroline's heart desires the one thing money cannot buy. The only gift she longs to receive on Christmas Day is the love of a Scottish Duke.

Book Review by Blue (reviewer)
Aug 16, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Caroline Hastings fell in love with Ewan Radley, Duke of Strathmore, when they were courting, and he appeared to be well on his way to falling as well. Then Beatrice, Caroline's older sister entered the picture, and blatantly seduced Ewan away. Ewan felt honor bound to offer marriage to Beatrice, but shortly after they became engaged, she ran off with another man and hasn't been seen since.

In the intervening months, Caroline has lived with her broken heart, hoping that someday she'll find someone else to love and marry. Ewan is deeply regretful of his actions. His affair with Beatrice was tempestuous and short lived, and he quickly realized that he truly loved Caroline. He's aware of how badly he treated her, and that he was a weak fool to succumb to Beatrice's wiles.

Finally there is word of Beatrice--she died alone while giving birth to a child--Ewan's son. The maid who had been caring for the infant requested that Ewan come and claim him, as she has no funds for his care. Ewan, along with Caroline and her father, travel to town to claim the baby. Caroline manages to maintain her dignity when facing Ewan and shows him cool courtesy. The baby is finicky and takes a liking to Caroline, who falls in love with the child, called David. Caroline hopes to take David into her family's household, but Ewan decides that he will raise the child.

As the families begin to sort out the details of David's care, Caroline agrees to temporarily stay in Ewan's Scottish home until a nursemaid can be found. Ewan's mother and aunt reside there and begin to make plans to extend Caroline's stay, and hopefully effect a reconciliation between her and Ewan.

I really admire Caroline's self-control, and her strength in being able to face Ewan after the way he treated her. How she managed to be polite and have a normal conversation is beyond my understanding. Yet, every time Ewan attempts to apologize and bring up the past, she quickly changes the subject, telling him she doesn't want to revisit their history. I could see that Ewan was truly remorseful and wanted nothing more than a second chance with Caroline. Still, his initial actions were so reprehensible it's hard to forget them. Especially distasteful was hearing him thinking about sex with Beatrice as being "soul changing." Ugh!

Eventually it's a final hateful action in Beatrice's tragic life that is the catalyst in bringing Caroline and Ewan back together. I love Caroline's capacity for forgiveness, and Ewan's decision to do the right thing by acknowledging and raising his illegitimate son. A SCOTTISH DUKE FOR CHRISTMAS was sometimes a painful read, but was very compelling and different. I greatly enjoy a second chance at love, and Sasha Cottman delivered a romance that I truly believe is going to last and be stronger for all the pain that was endured to get there.
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