Scent of the Jaguar

Scent of the Jaguar
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Suzanne Hamilton
Release Date
January 2018
Book 2 of A Deadly Forces Novel
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance

Adventure-filled, danger and romance mixed with a desperate fight to live and a killer in their midst. When a plane crash-lands in a remote area of the Amazon, a female archaeologist joins forces with a man she suspects is an artefact smuggler in order to survive.

On route to her new dig, Bernadette Ashford's dream job morphs into a nightmare after a message warns her life is in danger. A last-minute decision catapults her onto the ill-fated plane and separates her from her beloved sister. Zane MacIntosh is on a mission - expose a major drug cartel and identify the man who murdered his mother. He'll allow nothing and no-one to divert him from his goal.

Lost in the jungle together, they and other passengers are being hunted by ruthless mercenaries who have no intention of allowing anyone to escape. In their desperate struggle to live, a new-found love blooms and a deadly secret is unearthed. But with a killer in their midst, will their love survive the heavy cost of freedom?

Book Review by Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
Apr 07, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SCENT OF THE JAGUAR (Deadly Forces #2) by S.E. Gilchrist had me on another action packed romantic suspense adventure in the steaming Amazon jungle. This book features Kitarna Ashford's older sister Bernie and the other band of passengers from their downed plane being hunted by mercenaries through the deadly jungle.

Bernadette "Bernie" Ashford is an archeologist on her way with her botanist sister to a new dig that could turn into an important major discovery. Before they make it to the site, the sisters are warned through a static-filled call from their father that their lives are in danger from "El Jaguar" and to leave the area immediately. As they are flying away over the vast jungle, Bernie realizes that the plane is too low and they are suddenly told to brace for a crash landing.

Zane MacIntosh was on a previous dig with Bernie and mysteriously disappeared the same day as a valuable artifact. Bernie cannot believe he is on the plane and is suspicious of his motives. She is sitting with Zane and his mother as the plane goes down. She gets a brief glimpse of her sister after the crash, but they get separated as the two groups flee from the mercenaries chasing them.

Zane and Bernie work together to get their group to safety. As they are being chased by mercenaries, they are also vulnerable to all the dangers of the Amazon. The heat, humidity, native bugs, reptiles and animals all add to the misery and despair as the group tries to survive. As Zane and Bernie learn to trust one another, they wonder if there is a traitor in their little group? Bernie keeps praying that Kit has survived and Zane's mother seems to be more than a retired school teacher.

This is a suspenseful and action-packed read that sets a fast pace with an ever increasing threat to the survivors. Zane and Bernie were well written, resourceful and realistic main characters. Zane's mother was a surprise and an intriguing addition. The sex scenes fit well in the story. This is the second book in this duet of stories and can be read as a standalone, but if you are interested in the first book it is Beat of the Jungle by Erin Moira O'Hara. Both are excellent reads.
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