Waiting For a Rogue Like You

Samantha Holt
Waiting For a Rogue Like You
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Release Date
January 2018
Book 3 of Rogues of Redmere
Historical Romance

He knows trouble when he sees it.

Fortunately, Drake likes trouble, especially when it comes in a particularly attractive package. While he and his crew of smugglers are waiting for their next job, Julianna makes a welcome distraction from the damned ache in his leg and the scars making his skin itch.

A shame Julianna doesn't like him one jot then, not even when he rescues her and promises to bring her to her brother. She knows a rogue when she sees one and the last thing she needs is another man in her life telling her what to do. Not even her brother…

A brother who happens to be the face of the smuggling operation Drake partakes in. And a terrifying face at that. Knight is the muscle behind the crew, ensuring their cover remains in place so that they can help the war effort whilst making a pretty penny. Knight won't be too happy when he finds out Drake has decided Julianna is a challenge he more than welcomes.

It's a risk he's more than willing to take.

Book Review by Blue (reviewer)
Feb 08, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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After an evening of drinking, former soldier Nicholas Drake has just decided to spend the rest of the night with not one, but two, local working girls. The rainy weather always makes the former soldier antsy and edgy, and the liquor and women will help pass the night. Before he leaves the bar, his attention is captured by a new arrival. The beautiful lady is out of place in this seaside tavern, and Drake questions her presence.

Julianna Knight has scraped together what little funds she had, and fled her home and an unwanted engagement. She's searching for her brother, though she hasn't seen him in years, in the hope he'll help her. It turns out that Knight is an associate of Drake's, but he's away from town right now. Julianna has no desire for assistance from the man she just viewed embracing two women, and leaves to return to her room at the inn. Knowing the danger she's in, Drake follows, and rescues her from two would-be-attackers. Rather than appearing grateful, Julianna haughtily tells Drake that she could have taken care of herself. Thus begins their amusing and adversarial road to romance.

Drake is charming, though a bit snarky. He's the type of man who likes to needle. While he has scars, a limp, and greying hair, he's also cocky and self assured. When his friend, Knight, returns, he's determined to keep Drake away from his sister. While Julianna has no intention of falling for Drake, she finds him hard to resist.

WAITING FOR A ROGUE LIKE YOU is a short novella with a whole lot going on. I appreciate the irony that Drake and his men are smuggling, and using that as a cover for their activity in serving the crown. It was fun to watch the lady Julianna attempt to become a cook at the tavern, when she has never even boiled water. I love Drake's self confidence, and how he doesn't feel sorry for himself, despite his injuries. Amidst the budding romance, the smuggling, the dangerous fiancé, and the watchdog of a brother, WAITING FOR A ROGUE LIKE YOU makes for a quick, fun, and delightful read.

Rated 3.5 Stars
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Book Review by Dawn (reviewer)
Feb 16, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Winning the heart of a rogue captain...

When a gorgeous woman stumbles into the building, Drake knows she is far from home. Dressed in a fine gown and with the mannerisms of a perfect lady, she is way out of his league. And she immediately recognizes his roguish ways, vowing to steer clear of him. Yet, when the lady finds herself in danger, it's the womanizing captain who saves her hide. And stirs things inside her that she's never felt before.

Julianna is on the hunt for her brother after escaping an unwanted betrothal to a ruthless man. She knows her fiance will follow her to the ends of the earth and she needs somewhere to hide away and begin a new life in secret. But falling for a captain who is far too charming and handsome for his own good was not in that plan. Her heart didn't get that message and the pair are soon up against more than one person who wants their tryst to end.

No kidding, when I saw this book was available to review, I jumped in my seat and squealed a little. My husband looked at me like I was nuts and maybe I am, but I had to request it. It's the third in the series and I've loved both of the previous installments. I just knew this one would be another hit and it was. It really was.

These two were a hoot from their first interaction. Their bickering was entertaining and their chemistry was hot. I think this is my favorite couple in the series so far, mostly because I love the way the trust was built between them. Even when they faced opposition on a few sides, they defended one another, stuck together, and helped each other to grow.

The romance was full of steamy moments and some sweet ones. The plot wasn't very intense but mostly ran in the background. We knew the threat was still there, but our couple were more focused on discovering each other and hiding their newfound love from a grouchy brother. By the way, I foresee a fun story when Knight finds his own match. That is one broody man.

In closing...
Another fantastic historical romance and I hope there is more to come. Five stars!
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