Leap of the Lion

Cherise Sinclair
Leap of the Lion
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VanScoy Publishing Group
Release Date
November 2017
Book 4 of Wild Hunt Legacy
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

She shifts for the first time on the day of her escape.

After a decade of captivity, Darcy MacCormac escapes the corrupt, clandestine organization called the Scythe, leaving family and friends behind. She must find a way to rescue them. Discovered by other shifters, the brand-new cougar gets two mentors. Blademage Gawain is an easy-going blacksmith with a steel-hard core. His brother Owen is a deadly warrior. Grumpy. Rude. And he doesn't like her.

They aren't the mates she'd dreamed of—they're more.

Powerful, dominating Owen protects the clan—especially the weak—and the only remnant of an abused childhood is his avoidance of females. Now he has to mentor one? Although Gawain soon falls for the dauntless little cat, Owen knows better than to lose his head. But Darcy has a gift for repairing everything…including damaged hearts.

Love isn't in her destiny.

In the brothers' arms, Darcy finds safety. Comfort. And love. But however much she longs for a future with Owen and Gawain, her people need her. Somehow, she must find the courage and skills to save them, even if the attempt demands her life.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jan 17, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Get ready for a dark novel with betrayals, erotica and feisty women who don't know their place! Book four in this series is emotional and not to be missed. It can be read as a standalone. It is recommended to read the first three books to understand the world better. I LOVED THIS BOOK. Ms. Sinclair delivers a poignant romance healing three people at one time. This is why I read romances - to escape into a world that is magical and where good triumphs over evil.

The story starts out a bit confusing with Darcy in a prison of some sort. As the details become clear, I am horrified at what happened to Darcy and her little town of shifters. Humans are terrible and these in particular need to be put down. These evil men working for a sick organization called Scythe have abused and destroyed too many shifters to count. They deal in the black market and the crimes they commit are unspeakable. I like how Ms. Sinclair's writing is adding in more darkness than before.

Darcy may have been captured as a child, but she never gave up hope to find a way to escape her captivity and save her family. When the chance comes, she takes it and ends up in a world she could only dream of - where there are protective shifters who can and will dismantle the sinister Scythe organization.

This story is rich with world crafting and character building. Learning about Darcy and how she survives takes my breath away. What punches me in the gut is one of the men she falls in love with once she is out in the "wild". Owen's upbringing is heart breaking. Very little infuriates me more than cruelty to an innocent child. A mother's love should be unconditional and ever protective. For Owen and his pack mates, it is not this way. Only one of his pack mates is loved by his witch of a mother. I will mention that there is a very moving ending which brings good closure for Owen with his mother. I was shocked by her act for Owen and find Ms. Sinclair to still be a softie when she could have easily written a different sadistic ending. I digress.

The plot of this story is easy to follow along. There are essentially two threads: save the pack and learn how to become a shifter. Or at least that is what Darcy focuses on and thinks should happen. What she doesn't realize is the call of the "wild" and the mating heat which grips her into a sexual haze not to be denied. This was both amusing and alarming to watch. Because for Darcy, it is a first and amusing because she is so sheltered and innocent in many ways.

The mating dance between her and her two "mentors" Owen and Gawain is amusing for everyone but these three involved. Darcy's confusion and tentative flirtation is met with stoic response from Owen and teasing from Gawain. Unable to fathom being with two men, Darcy's sexual fantasies take on a naughty element which embarrasses her whilst it enflames her. Luckily other women are able to help her out and convince her that two men to one woman is not only acceptable, but preferable. The heat these three generate is blazing hawt. When it comes to primal rough sex, Ms. Sinclair captures it down to each sweaty act. Arousing and erotic, the sex scenes in this happy menage are recommended to read in private.

This story could be just another paranormal erotica with nonstop threesome trysts. It is more than that. There is a solid plot and it continues to build up this fantasy world. It also showcases a community that can come together and protect its own. And even when they have everything covered, there are flaws but they can overcome them. Maybe not every female in this book is kickass but the ones that can, they are badass and should not be messed with. This richly written paranormal romance is highly recommended to all menage lovers who enjoy a balance of dark and light.
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