Knights of Stone: Lachlan

Lisa Carlisle
Knights of Stone: Lachlan
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Release Date
January 2018
Book 2 of Highland Gargoyles
Paranormal Romance

As the new alpha of his gargoyle clan, Lachlan takes on a leadership role at the historic peace talks between the wolf shifters and tree witches. Cooperation is crucial to their survival. The magical veil over the Isle of Stone is weakening. But unity is hard to achieve when tensions are running high. So is Lachlan's concentration when a sexy wolf shifter rushes to the talks. Her wild beauty is mesmerizing.

Raina has her hands full with pack problems, from pack mates succumbing to blood lust to animosity toward her species. The source of her problems is clear-the gargoyles. If they hadn't lured the humans to the island with their unconventional rock concerts, she wouldn't have to deal with the fallout. She wants nothing to do with them, especially their alpha. His not-so-surreptitious glances are hard to miss. Nope. Not the kind of attention she needs. She's heard rumors of the rebellious, attention-seeking rockers--and of their endless string of females.

But when humans come to investigate the wolf attacks, Lachlan and Raina must work together to coerce them off the island. And time spent together sparks a forbidden attraction. If unexpected love were their only problem, they'd be able to deal with it. It's not. Time is running out, for them and their island.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Aug 14, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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KNIGHTS OF STONE: LACHLAN is the second book in the Highland Gargoyles series. Lachlan is the eldest of the brothers, and the alpha of their small clan left on the island. This book follows on from the groundwork done in Mason. The triad of Gargoyles, Tree Witches, and Wolves, are finally meeting on neutral ground to try and do what is best for the island as a whole, rather than just their group. Of course, it's not going to happen overnight, but any place needs a starting point. Things get interesting for Lachlan when he meets Raina at the meeting in her capacity as Beta to the Wolves. The spark is there immediately for both of them, and they both deny it! Neither of them trust, or want, to be with the other. However working together gives them a different perspective on each other, and they are thrown in each other's direction.

This is a smoothly paced, action-packed novella in the Highland Gargoyles series, and we get to see more of the Wolf pack. This is a follow-on story, as it only happens because of Mason and Kayla. So I would definitely recommend that you read this in order. With no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt the reading flow, this is a well-rounded book, with wonderful world-building and characters. Definitely recommended by me.
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