Where Have All the Scoundrels Gone?

Donna Cummings
Where Have All the Scoundrels Gone?
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Donna Cummings
Release Date
June 2017
Historical Romance

That is precisely what the Dowager Lady Thornham wants to know. She devotes her days to reading every scandalous morsel published about London's rakes and rogues, but lately it seems they have all settled down and abandoned their wicked behavior.

Fortunately the Dowager has hit upon a new diversion: matchmaking. She has summoned her three nephews to a house party attended by a score of marriage-minded debutantes, and warned the young men they shall lose their quarterly allowance if they thwart her matrimonial schemes.

Three Scoundrel Heroes. One Determined Dowager. Three Unexpected Romances.

Miles – The summertime gathering is a good excuse for Miles to reminisce with his cousins about the mischief they have gleefully caused their aunt throughout the years. The allowance would benefit his upcoming return to Egypt, financing his quest for antiquities, but a bride is not in his plans…until he rescues the beautiful widow Gemma and her pesky cat Snowball from some treacherous rosebushes.

Richard – His resistance to marriage makes him utterly irresistible to the marriageable females in attendance. Unfortunately for them, he is only interested in Constance, a doctor's daughter who refuses to give her heart again, especially to a charming scoundrel who extracts secrets for a living. When his wooing has little effect, he proves his devotion in another way—with a fairyland hideaway he has created just for her.

William – He is the quiet one that people rarely notice unless he is sketching their likeness. His aunt's paid companion, Honora, a budding artist, has been both his muse and the source of his inability to paint since their first brief encounter two years previously. A series of secret art lessons benefits them both, and their budding attraction is given a chance to finally blossom.

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Jul 27, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Dowager Lady Thornham finds great pleasure in living vicariously through the scandals she reads about, but lately there has been a sad lack of shocking activity, and she's bored. In order to liven up her life, she decides to throw a house party, with the express purpose of finding matches for her three bachelor nephews. She coerces them into complying with her wishes under threat that she will not pay them their quarterly allowances unless they fully cooperate. A slew of debutantes and a few other bachelors of the ton will attend to liven up the festivities.

Miles has recently returned from Egypt, hunting down antiquities. He'll comply with his beloved aunt's wishes, although it's not a young debutante who catches his eye, but Gemma, a lovely young widow with a mischievous cat. The problem is, Gemma has been hired by Lady Thornham to facilitate the matchmaking activity, and she desperately needs the fee she'll earn, no matter her feelings for Miles.

Richard's career of service to the crown is growing old, especially since his last assignment almost went horribly wrong. He'll enjoy the relaxation of catching up with his cousins and aunt, though marriage is not on his mind. Then he meets Constance, the local doctor's daughter, who is not one of his aunt's approved debutantes. Constance is leery of relationships because of a long ago loss, but she's finding Richard hard to resist.

William is an artist, though currently his muse seems to have deserted him. He first met Honora, his aunt's companion two years ago. He finds her terribly attractive, and Honora feels the same. As William helps budding artist Honora, he finds himself inspired once again. Yet, where could this relationship go, when Aunt is totally dependent on Honora, and she needs the salary in order to survive?

WHERE HAVE ALL THE SCOUNDRELS GONE? is a short and sweet novella featuring three charming cousins who are determined to outwit their aunt's matrimonial plans. The objects of their affections are good-natured and likable, if not the ladies Aunt would have selected for them. The romance happens quickly and is sweet, as the cousins foil their aunt's plans. Or, have they?
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