Her Enemy at the Altar

Virginia Heath
Her Enemy at the Altar
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Release Date
August 2016
Historical Romance

An unexpected end to the Wincanton–Stuart feud…?

Scandal broke last night when Lady Constance Stuart was discovered in the arms of Aaron Wincanton, the son of her family's greatest enemy! But now we can reveal an even more shocking development. Our sources say a special license was obtained and the two were married before sunrise!

It's been confirmed that Aaron has stolen his new bride away to the country to begin their unexpected marriage. We'll be watching closely to see exactly what happens when a gentleman invites his enemy into his bed…

Book Review by Blue (reviewer)
Aug 28, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It's not easy being a six foot tall, red haired debutante in a world of petite, blonde confections. Yet, Lady Constance Stuart made her debut at Almack's, full of hopes and dreams that she would find someone to love her and build a future with. When Aaron Wincanton is caught by his friends ogling the tall beauty, he is mercilessly ribbed, as the Wincanton and Stuart families are mortal enemies, going back several generations. In order to deflect the harassment, Aaron denies any attraction and dubs Connie as the "Ginger Amazonian." He never intended for Connie to hear this, but the nickname stuck, and it was the beginning of the end for Connie. After her disastrous debut year, Connie affected a persona of biting sarcasm, determined not to let anyone see how she's hurting by the cruel remarks.

Now, in her sixth season, Connie's father has arranged a marriage for her. When her new fiancé shamelessly flirts with another, then tells Connie he only is marrying her for her dowry, she is crushed and leaves the ballroom. Aaron is attending the same ball, and finds himself alone in the library with Connie. Her tears and defeated demeanor touched Aaron, who is used to seeing the strong and feisty version of Connie. He attempts to comfort her, which leads to a surprisingly steamy embrace. Of course, half the ballroom walks in, and they are compromised. Her fiancé immediately jilts her, and her father disowns her and says she must leave his household.

Aaron steps up and proposes, even though Connie will come with no dowry, as her father withdrew it. Aaron's own father has mismanaged their estate, and they are badly in need of substantial funds to begin to set it to rights. So their marriage begins with everything going against them. Both fathers are intent on maintaining the feud and despise their offspring's marital partners. Connie is hostile and has no intention of having any sort of relationship with Aaron, despite his overtures. They agree to seek an annulment as soon as it's feasible, and it seems that this star-crossed couple doesn't stand a chance.

Initially I found Connie very unsympathetic. Although she did have to endure cruel barbs because of her unusual appearance, she came off as very hard and aloof. However, when she was tested, she really stepped up to the plate in handling the challenges thrown at her by her father-in-law, and showed remarkable compassion when he became gravely ill. Aaron also showed his caring nature by arranging for Connie to meet with her brother and mother. Behind this couple's antagonism and sniping, there is a strong physical attraction, and the sweet conclusion wrapped up HER ENEMY AT THE ALTAR very satisfyingly.
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