She Rides

Adelle Laudan
She Rides
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Adelle Laudan
Release Date
April 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Missy heads out on her vintage motorcycle for what proves to be a ride of a lifetime. Every new road brings with it new friends, new experiences and even a sexy romp with a tattoo artist.

It's summers' end when Missy rides into the small town of Waverly for Bike Week, and sets sight on the most beautiful man she's ever seen on two wheels. Tommy marks the beginning of many hot, steamy nights. Is he Missy's, 'happy ever after', or is there a twist around the next bend in the road, nobody saw coming?

Book Review by Tiffy (reviewer)
May 14, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I'll admit it… I'm a closet Harley Girl. I lust after those sexy, throbbing, loud wonderful bodies! Get your minds out of the gutter, because I'm talking about the bikes! Although, I will admit that the guys riding them can be hot, too! So, if there's a book with Harley on the cover, I'm going to pick it up and read it, especially if the Harley is a Harley Davidson 1941 Indian Chief. My husband moans because I won't let him have one!

And the novel doesn't disappoint either! It's a growing up and exploring life story revolving around Missy, whose mother died when she was a baby and was raised by her "Pops" and his biker buddies. When Pops is killed in a motorcycle accident, their best friend Jag finishes restoring her HD 1941 Indian Chief bike that Missy names Lady. Missy decides after Jag kisses her that she needs to get away and experience life, because she knows that she can never return Jag's love.

Growing up and exploring life can be both awkward and exhilarating. Missy finds awkward when the creepy motel manager at her first stop is sitting on her bed in his skivvies and socks looking for a good time when she comes out of the shower. Exhilarating is riding Lady all day and meeting up with bikers and making new friends along the way. Her adventure begins when she gets her first tattoo of an Indian princess and then a Jaguar. Then she has a wildly erotic encounter with a female tattoo artist named Nadia, who tattoos a picture of Pops on Missy's back. Devastating when Missy finds out that a biker gang tried to take over Pops and his biker buddies bar and only three of her friends survived the encounter.

I really enjoy a novel where the characters elicit a reaction from me, good or bad. In this case, I really wanted to shake Missy and say, "what were you thinking" when she gets involved with Tommy. Tommy has a problem with alcohol and isn't drinking when they first meet, but ends up falling off the wagon once they are married. When money gets tight because Tommy is unable to hold down a job, he decides that he has to sell Lady. One of Missy's friends, Pappy, discovers what Tommy is up to and hides Lady away, not letting Missy know where. Yes, Missy has two wonderful children from their union, but she ends up wasting a lot of years hoping against hope that Tommy will change. When she finally threw in the towel and kicked Tommy to the curb, I cheered. Will Missy ever get Lady out of hibernation? Will she forge and new life and new love? The novel is as exhilarating as a ride on a Harley… It's a must read!

I agree with the author that bikers get a bad rap from many people. Our neighbors are Harley aficionados who participate in Rolling Thunder each year. It's a sight to behold when you see Harleys lined up down the length of our street! Nor is the sound of the thousands of motorcycles that participate in the ride from the Pentagon to downtown DC every Memorial Day. So if you're a Harley lover, add going to see Rolling Thunder to your list, along with this must read novel!
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