Lone Wolf

Erin M. Leaf
Lone Wolf
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
March 2016
Book 4 of Bad Oak Boys
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

Shane River is the last of the Bad Oak boys to feel the pull of his animal trying to get out. Problem is, once he shifts, the wolf wants nothing more than to run far awayů alone. He's an Alpha Lone Wolf, and that means he doesn't need a pack.

Tim Cooper thought his father was human. He wasn't. He thought his werewolf mother could survive anything. She didn't. He thought he'd never be able to shift, but he thought wrong, and the truth is more disturbing than anything he could've imagined.

When Shane finds Tim's mother dying in the desert, he vows to track down the vicious wolf-coyote hybrids responsible for the attack. He doesn't expect her son Tim: a hybrid who has no idea what he is. He doesn't expect Tim's animal to call to his wolf. And he certainly doesn't expect to mate with a creature ravaged by grief, but when instinct howls, the wolf must obey.


Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Jul 12, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This may possibly be the last book in the Bad Oak Boys series as we have now had every band member. However, there is still a lot of scope for further stories in this series, so I'm really hoping there is more yet to come.

This book stars Shane, the pianist of Bad Oak Boys, an Alpha in his own right, but also a Lone Wolf with close family ties. Shane is something of an enigma due to that. He needs his space, but knows that his family is there for him should he need them. Tim is a young man who knows that his mother is a wolf, but thinks that his father was a human. He hasn't shifted and doesn't expect to, but fate has different plans for him.

Shane and Tim get together in the usual insta-mate way. However, Tim has to have some space to get his head around everything he has just been through and learned. The bond works differently for Shane and Tim than it has for other couples, maybe due to their animals and status.

Although I enjoyed this book, I didn't feel the connection between Tim and Shane like I have done with other couples. This was the first time that it seemed like it was ALL about the bond; not attraction, or having things in common, or anything like that.

This story is just as well-written as the previous ones, with no editing or grammatical errors to distract the eye, however it just didn't have the same oomph for me as previous stories. Still a very good addition to the series.
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