A Very Kinky Valentine's Day

Tymber Dalton
A Very Kinky Valentine's Day
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
February 2015
Book 15 of Suncoast Society
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Gilo and Abbey are hosting a Valentine's Day party for their fellow Suncoast Society kinksters, complete with a rope rigging contest. And when you put some competitive riggers together, you know it's going to get wild. Let the games begin! Have a voyeuristic visit with your favorite characters as they battle for bragging rights for the top rigging title. There might even be a surprise or two in store. But the night's not without a little drama. And, for at least one set of characters, life will never be the same... Note: This books contains a heroine who is a domme.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jul 16, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The Suncoast Society Series should be known as Kinky Crack. Every single one of these books I suck down quickly for my kinky fix. They help stave off my jonesing for a fetish fix. In this latest celebration, Gilo and Abbey throw a private party at their place for Valentine's Day. Fortunately, Abbey's tortoise is safely protected from the wild partiers.

The theme for this one is "all bound up" with suspension play and rigging contest. The way this story reads is so good because it brings to life what a community can be. This is how a private play party with friends can be in real life. What's not to like? Be forewarned, those who are interested in the lifestyle and not able to participate in real life, this story will only increase the desire to jump into the lifestyle. Are all the communities as awesome as the one Ms. Dalton showcases? No. They are ones out there like this one, but it's not easy to find and when one finds one, hold on to it for dear life.

The BDSM in here is excellent and well described. A reader can visualize the different scenes. Newbies may be wide eyed trying to see and take everything in. What is really enjoyable is seeing through the eyes of different pairings. There is no "one way" for how kinky dynamics work. With Gilo and Abbey, this is especially true. Celebrating the way they can effortless switch from top to bottom is what I enjoyed about this book. Seeing all my favourite characters dropping and getting their kink on is a plus.

This story does give the feel of a party and with so many reoccurring characters, it does feel as though a reader knows each one of these people which makes the story even more enjoyable. One never knows what predicament Ms. Dalton will place these characters and that makes the story exciting. Recommended as a BDSM Gateway book for those who wonder what happens during a private play party.
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