Nash Summers
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Loose ID
Release Date
August 2014
Book 1 of Cold Heart Truths
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Seven years ago, Jones fell for a heartless man named Carver. A drug addiction, numerous sexual partners, and a lonely lifestyle weren't enough to fill the void that Carver left in Jones's chest.
Years later, the two meet under familiar circumstances, and Jones can't help hoping for affection that Carver can never give him. While Jones tries his best to crawl under Carver's skin and force him to feel something, he finds himself involved in a political war he had no idea he was fighting. Jones struggles to gasp for air in a dying city that's sinking fast and pulling him under with wave after wave of addiction and betrayal.
Falling for a loveless man is enough to bring someone as strong as Jones to his knees. Will Jones ever be able to reach into Carver's chest and bring his cold heart to life?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Nov 17, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Intrigue, enhanced super solders and rough sex are all rolled up into this futuristic suspense.

Conspiracy theorists will enjoy this m/m story as it covers underhanded dealings, espionage and government assignations. Jones is an orphan picked up when he was young by the government. Over the years, he's been physically changed into a killing machine. As part of an elite force, he and his team are the enforcers who put down dissensions so that the world can be a better and safer place. Yet the world doesn't seem to get any better. It's only become worse.

Ms. Summers creates a world filled with tangled webs. Who is friend and who is foe is hard to discern. For Jones who isn't the brightest bulb, he is constantly in the dark. It doesn't help he is strung out on drugs to keep him sane. In this dysfunctional world, there are plots within plots within plots. The only constants for Jones are his best friend and the stone cold killer Carver.

Jones' fatal attraction to Carver is his undoing. It doesn't help that Carver is the one who slips into Jones' secure room night after night. The sex in this story is hawt. The controlled violence in the sexual acts is arousing for those who enjoy dubious consent. For those who enjoy alpha males wrestling for top dog, this story is one to read. The underlying sexual tension through physical dominance in the dark will cause a submissive reader to whimper in desire. There are several moan-worthy scenes sprinkled throughout the deadly action.

This story reminds me of the Bourne Identity films in the way the government may or may not be the good guys. Ms. Summers does a good job of creating a world of gray where very little is definite. Just when the reader believes they know the facts, new information is revealed to convince the reader otherwise. This book is not predictable, which is a good thing.

A new-to-me author, Ms. Summers is one I will be watching. VICES ends in a rather startling manner and makes me yearn for the next book. Hopefully Ms. Summers will write a bit faster so the next book will be provided soon. This erotic suspense is recommended for m/m lovers who enjoy inhumane machination.
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