Blood Eternal

Toni Kelly
Blood Eternal
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Lyrical Press
Release Date
February 2014
Book 1 of The Blessed
Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

He's her judge, jury and executioner. She's his only chance to truly live.

Savannah Michaels is in desperate need of cash…for all the right reasons. Determined to leave behind her hospital debt and the nightmares of her past, she answers a classified ad to be a paid travel companion in Italy. Of course, she hardly expects her employer to be a tall, handsome and moody vampire.

Luke Evans has a very good reason to seek revenge against the world's greedy souls. After all, greed cost him his wife and mortal life two centuries ago. His latest ploy, classified ads, is working out well. Until he meets Savannah Michaels. She is not what she seems and even worse, hasn't the slightest idea just how different she is.

Suddenly, Luke realizes playing judge and jury over his victims comes at too high a cost, especially when his latest victim may be the love of his life...and the death of his race.

CONTENT WARNING: Vampires with sexy accents; may lead to seduction.

Book Review by Fire Fairy Bookaholic (reviewer)
Aug 28, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you read vampire romance, then you're familiar with the usual story where the heroine becomes a vampire herself and they live happily ever after for the rest of their immortal lives. That won't happen here. In fact, the hero dies near the end. Spoiler much? Probably... But nope! That's a teaser! One thing I love about BLOOD ETERNAL is its uniqueness. With hundreds of vampire romance sprouting everywhere, this book stood out because of its different approach and surprising twists in the story.

Luke Evans is not a typical vampire in his world. With an old vendetta against greedy people, he only chooses victims who are driven by money and wealth. To choose his victims, he places carefully written ads looking for paid travel companions, believing that only greedy people will take his job offer.

Savannah Michaels has been to hell and back. After a car accident left her scarred, alone, and drowning in hospital debt, she's in need for some serious cash. The paid travel companion ad might just be the answer to her problems.

So Savannah goes to Italy and was surprised to find her employer to be a handsome young man. But she's not with surprises herself as Luke finds that she may be innocent after all and there's more to her blood that needs discovering.

Savannah is a broken heroine, physically and emotionally. With scars inside and outside, she tries to move on and forget the nightmare that was her life before answering Luke's ad. She's a survivor. She's strong and I love her for that. She didn't let what happened to her deter her from her dream.

Luke is brooding and dark. But he doesn't hurt the innocent. For a romance story, BLOOD ETERNAL is darker and colder. And you can actually feel the dark and cold feels from Luke. He's a good guy in a way, but he's still too dark for my taste of heroes.

Story-wise, the book was good. But the premise had a lot of promise that I can't help but think that this could have been written better. When I started the book, I was immediately hooked by the first few chapters. It kind of fell apart for me towards the middle. There were some pages where I felt the story was dragging and I can't wait for some exciting progress. The last chapters were awesome, though. Love the ending and it's definitely a happy ever after.

Romance-wise, the love story was a bit off for me. The couple's chemistry wasn't that good and it felt forced. The sex scenes were awkward. I didn't feel the connection between the hero and heroine very much. There was no sizzle when reading about them and they lack the passion that I'm looking for in a romance book.

Overall, I'm giving BLOOD ETERNAL 3.5 stars. I enjoyed the story and I love the ending but there were some things and feels that I was looking for but, sadly, I didn't find in the book. It's a good book and would recommend it to all paranormal romance readers except for those who are looking for some passionate romance to read.
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