Perhaps Love

Madison Blake
Perhaps Love
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Jasmine Jade Enterprises
Release Date
May 2008
Book 1 of Gem Immortals
Erotic Romance

Esmeralda needs the Life-Bringer, the purest and brightest emerald to cure her ailing sister. She finds Orin, the Emerald Gem Immortal, who just might be persuaded to give it to her—for the right price.

Orin is bored. Having lived for close to three millennia, he has seen and done everything there is to do in the universe, including bedding thousands of women over the years. But when he sees Esmeralda, his interest is rekindled. He aches to initiate the innocent beauty into the arts of sex and bring them both to the heights of pleasure.

But the Life-Bringer is no ordinary emerald. It has the power to give life…or to destroy them.

Book Review by Shana Rea (reviewer)
Oct 03, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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"Great love story, hot sex scenes. Not to be missed!"

Esmeralda desperately needed the Life-Bringer, purported to be a magnificent emerald, to cure her sister of a lingering illness. For this, she travelled to seek Orin, the Emerald Immortal, said to be the keeper of the gem. She was willing to pay any price he asked for the chance to make her sister well again.

The story is very simple and I could almost predict the way the events would turn out. Well, from the moment Orin made his demands known, that is. This being an erotic romance, it was a no-brainer to guess what would ensue. However, I was pleasantly shocked at the twist toward the end. Did I mention that I love twists in my books?

Oh, did I also mention that it was hot? Scorching! Not only that, but I can empathize with Orin at the final scene wherein he agonizes about Esmeralda's return. Being lonely for so long (and I mean long, like a thousand years or more) and having Esmeralda for such a short time yet realizing just what she meant to him, his agony and tormented hope at this crucial stage in this life is in line with his character and experiences thus far.

Great love story, hot sex scenes. I love that there's a sequel (Pleasure Trap, which is now available), and I hope Ms. Blake will continue to write about this world. Looking forward to more Gem Immortal stories.
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