Divine Solace

Joey W. Hill
Divine Solace
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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
March 2014
Book 8 of Nature of Desire
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

After too many failed relationships, Gen has settled into a quiet, acceptable life as a middle-aged single woman. But then she meets Mistress Lyda and her sexy male sub Noah, and the two of them give her a different view of "acceptable"—as well as a renewed longing for the type of love and romance she thought had passed her by.

Gen has been Marguerite Winterman's employee at Tea Leaves for some time, and has a close relationship with the reserved, intimidating woman. It isn't until Mistress Lyda steps into her life that Gen understands why she's always felt safe under Marguerite's direction. And with the intriguing Noah guiding her in the world of Domination/submission, Gen's about to discover a new way to love—and live.

Inside Scoop: Gen's journey includes references to male/male relationships and a beautifully erotic portrayal of two women falling in love within the ménage.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
May 31, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Femdom lovers, this is divine trinity coming together. The ménage here is truly a triad between Gen, Lyda and Noah. It is said the strongest formation is a triangle. These three characters create a beautiful triangle which makes some of us yearn for such a balanced give and take. It didn't happen overnight, which is what makes this story so good. Every relationship takes work. For three, it's even harder.

Gen is a time female working in a tea house. She's just passing through life, protected under Marguerite, her boss. After meeting Lyda who sparks a first female sexual attraction, Gen is confused. Lyda's personality is more than she can initially handle. It's overwhelming and yet makes Gen feel good, if a bit afraid. Meeting Lyda's "boy toy" Noah only causes more confusion for Gen. Noah and Gen are compatible with each other and after a weekend spent together, more questions arise for Gen. Does she want Noah or does she want Lyda? I say, why not have both?

Ms. Hill is a mistress of BDSM erotica. Her characters are three-dimensional and all too real to life. The way she builds each character, it's as if you can see them and they become your friend. Their hurts become your hurts. Their excitement becomes your excitement. What I really like about Ms. Hill is how she portrays femdom. There are many femdom stories where the female dominant is into sadistically cruel and humiliation. There is nothing wrong with sadism or humiliation. Both kinks are something I get off on. What is missing in those femdom stories is a healthy view of BDSM. Many of the stereotypical femdom stories out now are used for spank material. It's a fantasy and few would ever want a woman in those stories. Ms. Hill's female dominants are different. In each new book released, her female dominants are on par to the much lusted after male dominants prevalent in current maledom novels.

Lyda is an alpha. She exudes sexual energy and easily seduces a submissive male or female. She cares for her submissives and she also creates erotically hawt scenes. The edging in this story is amazing. The orders she gives Gen and Noah make me weak in the knees and eyes glazing in lust. I am in love with Lyda. A couple of examples of why Lyda is attractive to me is as follows.

Lyda's lips curved. "Don't taunt me, rabbit. It's not a place you're ready to go."

Her gaze swept Gen again. "As we were driving home, I would have ordered you to spread your legs and put two fingers inside yourself, your thumb on your clit. No movement of those fingers, no playing with yourself. Just your hand on and inside your pussy while I was driving, to remind you I'm in charge, that your body belongs to me. It's my plaything tonight. I'd want you to feel how wet you were getting, not from the stimulation of your hand, but from the thought of how I'm controlling you, commanding your arousal." Her gaze shifted.

"Once we pulled into my driveway, I'd have you pull your fingers out of yourself, show them to me. I would tell you to suck on them, clean them with your mouth. Then I'd kiss you, taste your pussy on your lips, and think about what I'm going to do with that tasty little cunt to keep it wet for me. You're a squirter and--" (pg. 107 - 108)

Foreplay galore! Tell me! Tell me what Lyda is going to do to my tasty little cunt! Oh wait, this is about Gen and Lyda.

Then when Noah is in the mix.

"Don't play with your food, Noah. Eat her pussy, and be ruthless about it. I want her begging for mercy." (pg. 290)

Oh the dilemma--is it "mercy" or "eat me"? Which should Gen scream out? This full length novel is filled with these delectable scenes. Yet Ms. Hill doesn't end it there. She continues one with what happens after the "Happily Ever After". This is what really made the story fabulous. There are ups and downs and it's how the characters handle them together which moves me.

This erotic ménage is highly recommended for femdom lovers who enjoy Ffm and love smoking hawt D/s scenes.
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