Rebecca L Frencl

 Illinois, USA
Rebecca L Frencl


I love words--I love stringing them together to create something new and wonderful. I love reading how others put them together. I love the fact that simple words can create a new world and draw me in. Because I love words so much, it's not a surprise that I've spent the last twenty-something years of my life playing with words either as a writer or as a teacher. In my day job I try and share my love of the written word with my 8th grade students. I've been teaching for years in a near Chicago suburb. I write what I love to read which is a little bit of everything. I have a high fantasy trilogy that is acceptable for my students to read, and some paranormal urban romances and time travel romances that they're not allowed to read until they're 18!
Writing, scrapbooking, reading, union activism, baking and boxing!


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