Bolton, UK


My name is Rebecca Bentley. I was born and live in Bolton, UK (Home to the famous director Danny Boyle - who my Dad taught! - famous actor Ian McKellen and famous comedian, Peter Kay. We haven't had a famous author..yet!?)
I am a twin and I have written my debut novel Behind the Facade with my twin sister, Victoria, using our maiden name Heap. No-one can agree on whether we are identical or not. All that matters to us is our symbiotic relationship and our mutual love of reading that has facilitated the inception and creation of our first novel. We intend to write future novels independently.
My favourite time at school was in English when we were asked to write a story. I have always loved writing which is probably why, when it came to my English Lit A-Level, I failed to get the expected A grade - I ran out of time because I was too busy writing long, wordy answers!
All the reward I would like for my stories is to know people have been entertained by them.
I am a foster mum and a mum, looking after 7 children in total aging from 3-10. They can be a handful at times so I find my escape in either reading or writing!
Reading, writing, aerobics, swimming



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