Beatrice H. Crew
Beatrice H. Crew


By the time Beatrice was eighteen, she practically lived at her local library. Her favorite genres were Romantic Suspense, Mystery, and Thrillers — particularly those set in England. After graduating from high school, she wrote pages and pages of a story that she was sure would soon be published and make her rich. Then life took her in a different direction, and her writing shifted from fiction to business books, where she won three national awards through the American Advertising Federation. Beatrice came across her manuscript last year, and the story called to her, saying NOW is the time. Trying to read her teenage pencil scratches on old notebook pages wasn't easy, but the story, Left on a Doorstep, was still in her.

Beatrice also writes poetry, usually as a subject comes to her. As a positive person, most of the poems are uplifting and come from a place of compassion and deep emotion.

Beatrice lives with her husband of 31 years, Milan Sergent, who is a multi-award-winning author.
Reading, writing, travel, and cooking
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