Surrender to Desire

Tory Richards
Surrender to Desire
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Tory Richards
Release Date
April 2013
Book 2 of The Evans Brothers Trilogy
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Callie thought her man troubles were over when she accepts work at the Evans ranch. Until Blade Evans rescues her out of a tree and she winds up in his arms, and his bed. Against her will she starts to fall for the handsome cowboy. Then begins to wonder, as his new housekeeper, is she just a convenient outlet for his sexual urges? Or does he feel the same way about her?

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Oct 21, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She just wanted to leave behind her stalking ex-husband. What she found was something she'd never had.

Callie Peters couldn't seem to leave her ex-husband for very long, but it wasn't for lack of trying; it was just that Donald seemed to have the uncanny ability to track her down. Callie wasn't sure that the remote Evans Ranch was far enough away from New York and Donald, but a job as housekeeper for Blade Evans at least bought her a chance of going undetected, if only for a while. Heck, it was so remote she got lost just trying to find the place. But she had to blame a bull named Satan for the rather unique circumstances under which she met her sexy new employer, yet she couldn't blame the longhorn for her sizzling attraction to his cowboy owner.

Finding a strange but beautiful woman in a red thong up a tree on his ranch was the last thing Blade Evans expected when he went to look for his truant bull, Satan. Coaxing the woman down from the tree, only to discover she was the new housekeeper he'd been expecting was almost as perplexing as the instant burning desire Blade felt for Callie Peters. Getting up close and personal with Callie's curves on the fifteen minute ride back to his ranch on his horse Calypso was pure physical torture that even a security expert like Blade couldn't fight off, especially since he'd been so long without female comfort.

With attraction and temptation too much to fight, Callie and Blade quickly give in even though they both know it will complicate matters. Neither of them was looking for a relationship, nor do they know where their needs will take them. But telling Blade of her ex-husband's persistent stalking doesn't deter their desires, but it does prompt both of them to put a name to the sudden emotions lurking deep in their hearts.

With this second installment in the Evans Brothers Trilogy, Tory Richards delivers another round of her hallmark burning attraction and explosive passion that ignites a blazing hot inferno between protagonists Callie and Blade. While the author doesn't delve much beyond the basics of either character's background, what she does do is start a fire between two strangers who immediately feel the heat but never foresee the smoke that soon begins clouding their emotions.

This novella is a bit shy of what I'd call true romance, yet you get the feeling some old-fashioned romancing is bound to happen when this couple finally steps back and takes a breather from constantly feeding their personal fire.

Sexual content: HOT.
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