Gorgon's Vengeance

Ravenna Tate
Gorgon's Vengeance
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
September 2017
Book 2 of Demons On Wheels MC
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, MC Romance

Chloe Dolan's life is perfect. She's the MC President's old lady, she loves to dance at Scotty's Place—the strip club the MC owns and operates, and she and Gorgon are deeply in love. But Chloe's perfect life falls apart one night after her last set when she spots her abusive ex-boyfriend, Brad, in the crowd. He's been gone a year, but now it appears he's back to stay.

As Gorgon and the MC Brothers deal with the fallout from a turf war, they have their hands full from the Outlaw Dogs MC. In the meantime, Brad is stalking Chloe. He's sending notes to the club, and every time Chloe goes into town, she spots him. Eventually, Chloe is reduced to hiding inside the club.

When the power goes out during a tornado warning, Brad breaks into the club. Can Gorgon save the only woman he's ever loved?

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Oct 03, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Ravenna Tate's GORGON'S VENGEANCE was a slightly different telling of an MC Romance story. At least for me.

Likes and loves: That the story opens with Chloe (Legs) and Gorgon already in a relationship. I know there's an assumption that genre-specific stories will follow a certain formula and for me, Ms. Tate stepped away from that by introducing us to the "already couple" and I loved it. I also really liked that Legs enjoys dancing in a strip club. So often, we read about how the female character has fallen on hard times or it was the only thing she could find but in reality, not every adult dancer feels that way and I was so glad to (finally) read that in a romance.

Now, since you're probably reading this review and wondering if you should grab a copy and the answer to that is a resounding yes. If you've read any of Ms. Tate's other stories, you'll come to expect certain things that you will also find in this one: compelling characters, excellent story line, hot-hot romance. Add in a detestable bad guy with bigger balls than sense and we have the makings for a hot read that will have you wanting to pick up her other stories faster than you can click, buy it now.
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