Management Skills

January Rowe
Management Skills
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Carina Press
Release Date
March 2011
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

When CEO Grant Edmonds meets with his new production manager, he immediately recognizes her as Silver, an exotic dancer who once mesmerized him at an exclusive fetish club. Though he was forbidden from pursuing her back then, there's nothing standing in his way now. He's not looking for an after hours fling...he wants to own her. In every way.

As much as Allie Fairfax tries to deny her past, and the way her body responds to Grant, she soon finds herself having mind blowing sex with the boss. Despite her own desire to surrender to Grant's sexual authority, she's not willing to risk her career. After all, she's been owned before, and it ended badly.

Book Review by Michelle R
Apr 10, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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MANAGEMENT SKILLS was a brief but powerful novella. The memorable characters were among my very favorites. I just wish I could have had MORE of them.

Allie Fairfax danced her way through college at a fetish club. She wasn't allowed to interact with clients, but there was one man who regularly attended the show and left a lasting impression on her. Years later, when she went to work for a new production company, she recognized CEO Grant Edmonds as the man who never took his eyes off her.

Grant owns the production company who staged Allie's shows in college. He was smart enough to stay away from the talent back then, but time hasn't waned his desire for the gorgeous woman. Their connection is even stronger now than before as she comes to him as one of the most sought after production managers in the industry.

I just ate up their back history and could do nothing but cheer for the two when they allowed themselves to give in to the passion. Grant had a need to control Allie, the way this need played out in their lives together and when apart fascinated me. She was this strong, fierce woman who allowed the man she was falling in love with to take the reins on her sexuality. Not always easy for a woman in charge. But she did it and I could see how their relationship both blossomed and struggled.

He wasn't the perfect Dom. The fact that he had flawed moments endeared him to me. It wasn't fairytale perfect and that made the story that much more rich. If anything, I think these characters were so complex and interesting, I want more. They are the material wonderful novels are centered around.

I was so sad to set my Kindle down and bid the two goodbye. The journey was over far too fast.

The BDSM is fairly light. I have no problem recommending it for newbies to the genre. If you only have a short time to indulge yourself, this is one to check out. Enjoy!
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