Locked Box

Eve Dangerfield
Locked Box
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
March 2016
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Julia Bennett isn't having a great day. Funding for her video game is low, her day job is sucking her dry, and to cap it all off she's locked in a police station with the very handsome, extremely married guy she's been avoiding at all costs. Max Connor isn't having a great year. He's getting divorced, his best friend is squatting in his house, and his inappropriate crush on the IT girl is getting out of hand. And that was before he locked the two of them in an evidence room. Surrounded by three decades' worth of drugs, guns, and floppy disks, Max and Julia are forced to confront the heat that lies between them with dangerous, funny, and occasionally toe-curlingly sexy results.

Book Review by JJ Smit (reviewer)
Mar 21, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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LOCKED BOX by Eve Dangerfield was HOT. If you're looking for a nice, clean, sweet love story to read while all snuggled up with your little Pomeranian dog, then it would be best if you skipped this one. However—if you're looking for a hot, steamy, erotic read where scenes leave you flustered and some of the words make you blush, then LOCKED BOX is perfect for you!

Julia has a crush on Max. Max has a crush on Julia. Neither of them will admit it. So how does fate intervene? By tossing them together in the police station evidence room and locking them up for a weekend. Brilliant! The sexual tension between these two makes it almost impossible for them to breathe. While Max tries to fight his attraction toward her, Julia makes it her life's mission to get him to give in to that attraction.

But once he does, Julia is in for the ride of her life … literally, and the scenes that follow are off the charts hot. And let me tell you, this author knows how to write a spine tingling, thigh clenching sex scene. No doubt about it!

Okay, so the one thing that kept me from giving this story a whopping five stars was the fact that Max's reason for not giving in to his feelings for Julia is the age difference between them. Eight years isn't that big of a deal, not at their age. Max is 32 and Julia is 24, so I really don't get his issue with the age difference. Sure, if he was 24 and she was 16 then it would be a problem. But they are both consenting adults, so why not just go with it?

Besides the questionable conflict issue, I really enjoyed this story. It's funny, it's hot and it's oh so erotic. One thing is for sure, Eve Dangerfield has an amazing talent for writing, and I think this Australian Author is going to take the world of Erotic Romance by storm.

LOCKED BOX gets a well-deserved 4 stars from me.
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